Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Whale Out of Water --- Day 7/310

Walk: PGCC Book Group (An American Marriage)
Distance: a few blocks, a few asanas

So Ciwt was walking on Crissy Field the other day when she spotted this: 

Whaaa?  Looked like a whale out of water and on Crissy Field field.   

So she walked closer:
and closer

Until she was so close she could see the huge ocean creature was made of PLASTIC! 😱 

Then she was able to read a sign that told her that every nine minutes 300,000 pounds of plastic, the weight of a blue whale, makes its way into the ocean.  Turns out the whale out of water is also out of the Monterey Bay Aquarium; it is visiting Crissy Field to make people aware of our plastic footprint and is just one visual, educational part of the Aquarium's campaign to take on plastic pollution.  If you can't visit the whale at Crissy Field, you can read more here.


Monday, January 14, 2019

Heeeere, _____?? --- Day 7/309

Walk: Crissy Field
Distance: 3 miles, Yoga

                     Okay, which cat are you?

Sunday, January 13, 2019

What Did You Think of.......? --- Day 7/308

Walk: No, Home Reading (Enemy Women by Paulette Giles)
Distance: 0, but good Yoga

Back to back reading groups coming up this week, so Ciwt is turning pages as fast as she can.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Maybe Destroy Your Ticket --- Day 7/307

Walk: Embarcadero Cinema (Destroyer)
Distance: 2 miles, small yoga

Nicole Kidman in Destroyer

Ciwt Oscar prediction: Destroyer will not win the Oscar for Best Costume.  The drab, dirty outfit above is what Nicole Kidman wears during the entire interminably slow, nihilistic movie.  

Friday, January 11, 2019

Appreciating Grey --- Days 7/305 & 6

Walk: 1. Hood   2. Crissy Field
Distance: 1. 3.5 miles  2. 2 miles

The rainy weather here in San Francisco is the color of Ciwt's cats with, they say, six more days to go.  Ciwt's creative brain has returned to semi-hibernation, but she found a blog, Limitless San Francisco that puts a nice spin on What to Do When SF is Grey.

It's January. Winter, even if it is California winter, is here, and SF is cold, grey and foggy (Ciwt: and rainy). While I'd much rather have some sunshine and a comfy place outside to bask, these grey dreary days present their own bit of wonder. The mood is calm, the streets are more empty than usual, and Netflix and chill is completely appropriate.
If you do venture out, head for the best fire pit in town or into a cafe for some coffee. Bring a book, catch up with someone you love, and just take it easy. Winter is a time for rest, don't be so worried about filling your schedule or wasting the day at home. Watch a movie, read a good book, try a new recipe or have a drink. 
Take this time to focus on any resolutions you may have made, but balance them with mellow activities and good company. Add a few blankets and pretty lights to your living or bedrooms, and make yourself a winter's nest. The City will still be there when you're ready to venture out. Plus, everything starts blooming right around Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Oh, That One --- Day 7/304

Walk: Iyengar Yoga, LP Nails
Distance: 2 miles, Big Yoga

As her own yoga teacher and pose picker for the past few years, Ciwt wasn't quite ready for a ten minute headstand in someone else's class today.  Oh, well, as yoga sage Pattabi Jois famously (and often) said, "All things coming..."

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Cats and Eyes --- Day 7/303

Walk: SPCASF (cats annual exam)
Distance: A Few Blocks, Small Yoga

Two cats to vet for annual exam is enough for Ciwt for one day.

She might say the vet techs were ooohing and aahhing and taking pictures of Ciwt's girls.. Apparently they are quite fetching or something.  Ciwt is so busy cleaning, grooming, clipping, feeding, brushing off her black clothes (partially successfully) - and enjoying their company -  she doesn't notice.  Which reminds her of a story a friend once told her:

Her husband of 40+ years was filling out some form that required information about his wife.  At some point he called across the room, "What color are your eyes?"*

*One of Ciwt's cats has gold eyes, the other, light green.  See?  She does notice them after all. 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Golden --- Day 7/302

Walk: AMC Kabuki (Bohemian Rhapsody)
Distance: 3 miles

      Rami Malek                         Freddie Mercury

Ciwt was going to believe the critics and skip the poorly reviewed Bohemian Rhapsody.
But, the movie and its star stunned the Golden Globes last evening by winning Best Picture and
Best Male Lead, so Ciwt decided to check out what those awards were all about.

Luckily.  The awards were about 2+ hours of Queen's Freddie Mercury. One of the most electrifying and iconic stars in any field ever, and Rami Malek channeled him.  There he was right on the big screen before Ciwt's eyes.  Even in his quiet moments, the energy crackled off of him and it was thrilling to be present.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Busy Watching --- Day 7/301

Walk: No, Necessary Rain Again! 😊
Distance: Up and down from office chair, Yoga

Red carpet season begins with Golden Globes tonight.  So Ciwt has been taking advantage of her retirement status and the pouring rain to sit in her office and get acquainted with TV shows she's never watched but are in the running. (Of course she's seen all the movie candidates).  The Good Place, Barry, The Assassination of Gianni Versace among others.  TV is Soooo good - and extensive - these days.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

California Reading --- Day 7/300

Walk:  No, Reading An American Marriage in Rain with Cats  
           Yes, YouTube to Zagreb, Croatia and Zion National Park, Utah
Distance: 0, Yoga

Friday, January 4, 2019

Yoga Teacher Back to Life (as student) - Day 7/299

Walk: Iyengar Yoga Center
Distance: 2 miles, Yoga

Ciwt is back on her mat Big Time.  Feels good - and necessary.  Word to fellow seniors: Keep on truckin.  Yoga, Tai Chi, Swimming, Water Aerobics, Bicycle Riding, and of course Walking (with or without dog)- these are all very good for us and essential.  Choose the one, or ones, that are are most enjoyable and enjoy them every day.  10 minutes is fine.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Getting Informed --- Day 7/298

Walk: SF Towers (Residiential Community)
Distance: 3.7 miles

Could Ciwt be writing CIWT from here in 5-6 more years?

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Back to Class --- Day 7/297

Walk: Iyengar Yoga, Trader Joe's
Distance: 3 miles, Yoga class 

BKS Iyengar teaching sirsasana (headstand)

So, Ciwt has been her own home teacher after taking a hiatus from teaching public yoga classes.  She began the new year today back at class in a type of yoga she has more or less avoided since beginning to practice over 50 years ago.  Iyengar yoga.  It is actually the yoga she started with, pretty much the only yoga being taught back in that day.  Long holds, little movement, liberal use of props (straps, blocks, chairs, blankets galore) and extremely booooorrrring to then young athlete Ciwt.

But now perhaps just the modality to return to.  She shall see. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

And now... --- Day 7/296

Walk: Hood errand, Crissy Field 
Distance: 4 miles