Friday, March 23, 2018

Oh, Nice Deco! --- Day 7/30

Walk: de Young Museum, Hood
Distance: 2 miles, Yoga/PT/Pedal

Just when she thinks she isn't a fan of Art Deco, Ciwt encounters gorgeous examples like these at the de Young's new show, Cult of the Machine,  opening tomorrow.

 Rene Paul Chambellan, Chanin Building (NYC) Gates, 1928, wrought and bronze (*Ciwt needs to try again  with her photography because she didn't capture the stacks of bronze coins delicately embedded throughout the gates). 

Walter Dorwin Teague, designer, Sparton Corporation, manufacturer, 'Nocturne' radio, 1935, mirrored cobalt glass, satin chrome steel, and wood.  (**with reflection of photographer and Cord B12 Phantom automobile)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Prep School Ahead --- Day 7/29

Walk: Marin Diving Day (through wind and storm in her getting to be beloved 4wd automatic)
Distance: 0, small yoga

So, tomorrow Ciwt starts serious preparations for her seven, count them, seven (two in one day even)
art tours.  Be careful what you wish for, and also CIWT readers might prepare for a bunch of art tidbits.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Outer Space Life, Cont --- Day 7/28

Walk: Union Square
Distance: 8 blocks, small yoga, small pt

Still out there.  Hopefully Ciwt won't redecorate at this time.

Outer Space Life --- Day 7/27

Walk: No, Rain
Distance: 0, a little stretch

Ciwt has taken up temporary residence in outer space.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Another Type of Art --- Day 7/26

Walk: Presidio and Hood
Distance: 4.5 miles, a little PT, a little yoga

    Saturate Before Using album cover by Gary Burden (d. 3/19/18)

Ciwt was no hipster and didn't know much about who did the art for record covers.  But she vividly remembers the simple, straight-forward, almost architectural, look of this Jackson Browne album. She didn't really know Browne's music (It was Browne's (impressive!) debut album) so she bought it largely for the cover. Turned out the cover captured something of the essence of then 23 year old Browne and his music.  Ciwt ended up listening often at home and again and again and again on tapes during marathon road trips to Sun Valley.  

A self-described 'bad boy,' he also got himself in occasional trouble for his art work. One year, for his cover of Richard Pryor's album, Roots, Burden reported he " two letters. One was a letter from the National Geographic Society's attorneys offering to sue him for defamation of their publication.  The second letter was a Grammy nomination for the best album cover."

A very 60-70's combination.  Burden did very well by his clients indeed in a career he, also in 60's style,  stumbled into.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Different Roots --- Day 7/25

Walk: Presidio
Distance: 4.5 miles, pedal

Presidio Tree Roots

Years ago Ciwt wanted a place where she could get out of the city and live in nature.  And  she was able to rent a lovely, light-filled, airy apartment in Inverness, West Marin.  It was on the ground floor nestled in a stand of gorgeous, tall pine trees, and she loved looking out the window directly onto the birds feeding and preening in the garden and feeling the protection of the trees.  Then one weekend after a ferocious storm she drove up to her natural paradise and was stopped by trucks and yellow tape strung across and blocking the driveway to her apartment.  So, she got out of her car, waited a while and then was given clearance to walk up the hill.

No more trees. Rather, no more standing trees. Twelve tall pines were now laying all over the grass.  The area was condemned and the property turned into a logging camp for the better part of a month.
By then, the owners who lived above her were freaked and didn't trust that the trees still standing wouldn't fall through their roof.  So Ciwt offered to move out of her little getaway in order for them to move in and feel safe.  So ended Ciwt's idyllic second home in the country.

The loggers and trees experts explained that the trees that fell had 'shallow root systems."  Ciwt didn't quite get what they meant.  She had a midwestern child's image of trees: huge sturdy oaks whose roots went down, down into the earth which she applied to all tall trees when she moved West.  Finally today, looking at pines in the Presidio, she got a new image and understood what "shallow root system" means.

Luckily the National Parks Service, Presidio and Golden Gate National Parks Conservatory collablorate to manage the trees within the Presidio.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Calvin's Gold --- Day 7/24

Walk: Hood
Distance: 2.6 miles, PT, Pedal, Yoga

Ciwt stayed out of yesterday's elements, but luckily Calvin H didn't. At Ocean Beach at 8:30 a.m. he  captured this glorious double rainbow dropping its pot of gold into the Cliff House.  

Pleez Xcuse --- Day 7/23 (1)

Walk: Storm!
Distance: 0, Yoga, PT

Dear CIWT Reader,

Plee xcuse Ciwt from writin toDay.  She is so sic with her semIanual go rond with
Loukeemia.  It cums every yeer in aLLegee seeson for sum reesin.

Ciwt's Frend,