Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Still-Life?! --- Day 7/276

Walk: de Young (Gauguin: A Spiritual Journey)
Distance: 1.5 miles, Yoga

Vincent Van Gogh, Bedroom at Arles, 1889  Paul Gauguin, Self Portrait with Yellow Christ, 1890-91

So usually when Ciwt thinks of  the artist Paul Gauguin she has images like those above in her mind.
Gauguin's friendship and time in Arles with Van Gogh, his many self portraits, his Yellow Christs and spiritual quest.  Or she thinks of the Tahitian girls he is so famous for painting. 
Paul Gauguin, Arearea, 1892

What she doesn't think of is fairly traditional imagery like a vase of flowers.  But there one one was, a lovely (and intentionally sellable, on order from his Parisian dealer) still-life of European flowers painted while he was in Tahiti.

  Paul Gauguin, Flowers and Cats, 1899

Nor in connection with Gauguin does she think of wood carvings or experimental ceramics.  But they are all there in the de Young's current - and first - Gauguin show running through early April 2019.  In some ways Ciwt found the show disappointing because the Gauguin we all know is only present in a few works. But in other ways presenting Gauguin in a more contemporary and expanded light was stimulating and thought-provoking which is no small feat with famous artists. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

And then there were none.... --- Day 7/275

Walk: Iyengar Institute SF
Distance: 3 miles, Yoga actual class

Ciwt was looking forward to giving art tours for the next three days.  But today she got three cancellations instead. (All by one organization).

Luckily they weren't the type of cancellations pictured above.  Those are British North Borneo stamps from 1889.  Very valuable, particularly cancelled ones which can 'prove' their legitimacy.  Except when the cancellation bars are fakes!  Turns out only the middle stamp above is good; the other two are fakes.

So, there are cancellations and there are cancellations - and Ciwt now has three free days and all legitimate stamps in her desk drawer.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Tis the (Music) Season ---- Day 7/274

Walk: Cavalry Presbyterian Church Concert
Distance: Half mile, Medium yoga

Ciwt joins other family members in not being able to carry a tune.  When by some fluke she made the high school choir, her friends voted her president because they thought it was such a joke. Thankfully for all concerned, Ciwt declined the position as well as her place in the choir.

But she's always admired those with good voices and the opportunities that gift opens - being a qualified member of a choir for one. By chance, a church just down the block from Ciwt has one of the most admired music programs in San Francisco, so Ciwt can walk to their concerts throughout the year.

Of course, there are Numerous ones during the holiday season.  Gorgeous to listen to but also extensive and exacting enough to make tone deaf Ciwt secretly relieved all she has to do is walk down the block and listen.  The choir members themselves, - those volunteer, chruch members with beautiful voices - commit hour after hour, day after day, week after week to learning words (often in ancient or foreign languages), rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing.    

Tra la.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Not For Everybody --- Day 7/273

Walk: AMC Kabuki (At Eternity's Gate)
Distance: 1 mile 

A movie art and/or Willem DaFoe lovers will appreciate.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Two Women Abstract Expressionists --- Day 7/272

Distance: 2 miles, small yoga

 Foreground: Beverly Pepper (b. 1922), Toro, 1962, Wood and Steel
  Background: Joan Mitchell (1925-92), Bracket, 1989, Oil on Canvas

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Tonight? Nah... --- Day 7/271

Walk: Marin Driving Day
Distance: 1/2 block (?)

Ciwt is just not in the mood to write tonight....

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

ChiroNet --- Day 7/270

Walk: Totally jammed downtown for chiropractor/shin splints
Distance: 2 miles, yoga

So, instead of hitting another flick (Creed II) or waiting for her upcoming orthopedic surgeon appointment, Ciwt decided to call her chiropractor from the days of yore.  About shin splints (or worse she feared, helped by Dr. Internet).

Expecting an extensive debrief about the where (Palm Springs), what (pickleball), how (hard surface, hard shoes), Ciwt carefully reviewed the circumstances of her pain. And began to explain in depth when she got in to his office.  "Uh Hu," he said quietly as he pressed her neck(?) not shin, "Oh," he said as he connected the hand on her neck with something around her rib cage. "Turn this way; now that way..." on he went with barely a little finger on either of her shins.

Finally the pronouncement: "There's no fracture.  Your lymph system is a little slow and backed up, so I cleared that.  Walking won't hurt your legs.  There's no particular exercise or routine you need to do.  Here's the name of a vitamin to buy (Bone Up), it should help with everything."

So, that was it.  $60, no surgeries, no braces or crutches, no horrendous downtime, no PT.  Nothing mentioned by Dr. Internet where every condition leads to death - plus Ciwt was going to live.

Getting older is sneaky business.  All of a sudden things appear.  Like shin splints.  Yogini Ciwt knows this but keeps forgetting about not consulting the internet - and checking things out at least initially with professionals in the simpler - and sometimes magical - modalities.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Good Book --- Day 7/269

Walk: deYoung Museum (possible tour preparation), AMC Kabuki (Green Book)
Distance: 3 miles, small yoga

So, Ciwt went to Green Book with low expectations except about one of her favorites, poet/actor/multilinguist/brilliant/dreamboat Viggo Mortensen.  Imagine her disappointment when the 
movie opened to maybe 15 minutes of Mortensen as a 1. chow hound, 2. smoker, 3. heavy, 4. virtually illiterate, 5. ill mannered, 6. the list goes on to a few more non-Viggo qualities.

"This movie will be terrible," Ciwt thought.  Then lean, elegant Marershala Ali glided onto the screen and sat on a splendid throne.  The two leads began playing their 'buddy' roles together, and it all worked with terrific energy and just enough historical fact to inform but not either overwhelm or sugar coat.