Monday, September 26, 2016

Time Out for a Laugh --- Day 5/219

Walk: Computer Tech Day, plus too hot!
Distance: Home Yoga

Image result for horses laugh tiguan commercial

Ciwt, still a German car lover, thinks it's a great time for a good Laugh.  (please press link)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Here, Take My Kleenex --- Day 5/218

Walk: Cinema Club (A Man Called Ove - Swedish, subtitled)
Distance: 2 miles 

Image result for a man called ove movie

Ciwt's Cinema Club has begun its Fall 'Semester.'  Which means on seven Sunday mornings she goes to seven pre-release, high quality/usually foreign movies with several hundred other film buffs.  And, at the end of each movie, guided by a world-class moderator, she listens to (learned) audience members expressing their reactions/thoughts about the movie.

It also usually means  - especially if the movie is emotional - Ciwt has been quietly unmoved by aspects of the movie most members (who speak) loved.  Specifically, if one sad thing happens after another, Ciwt kind of checks out whereas the majority of the Cinema Club members (who speak) get deeply drawn in, passionate and Love the movie.

At first Ciwt found this disparity surprising, but, after ten or more 'semesters,' she knows what's coming.  She also knows - from speaking to just a few people -  if she expresses her (excellent!) thoughts, the emotion-loving people will get upset and censoring.  Emotions often 'trump'....

So, it was not surprising to Ciwt that today's mildly melodramatic movie won over the audience as did the international best-seller book it was based on.  But, what was nice for Ciwt, was that she liked the movie very much herself. This was largely because of the Superb! acting by the two leads - both of whom won Sweden's version of Best Actor and Actress Oscars.  AND a gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat who reminded her of her cat, Matisse.  (Awww, okay Ciwt does get drawn in to some emotions).

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Child in Charge --- Day 5/217

Walk: No
Distance: Home Yoga

Image result for Raising dogs on a country estate 

Today Ciwt flashed on her childhood goals of living in the country, writing mystery novels and raising dogs.  "Well, never too late," she thought.  So she started surfing the net.

First article up was 10 Smart Survival Strategies for the Woman Living Alone (in the country), and Ciwt dove right in.  1. Be extra vigilant with home security, 2. Learn to use a weapon, 3. Take a women's self-defense class, 4. Learn to use tools....  Enough already.

The second article talked about country realities like post offices closing right and left - along with fewer and fewer accesible food and medical options.  Then there were the articles about being careful about what you say, never making it obvious your house belongs to a woman alone, learning to change a tire, lack of transportation and gas stations, really, really peculiar neighbors - or absolutely none along with scary noises at night.

Where was the article about the bucolic, problem-free country estate bathed in sunshine and splendid solitude where the pleasures of Ciwt's own and her dogs' company was a constant delight?  Ciwt looked and looked but, didn't find it.

At least she didn't start by adopting a bunch of puppies....Image result for Raising dogs on a country estate

Friday, September 23, 2016

Take Any Seat --- Day 5/216

Walk: Sundance Kabuki (Snowden), Trader Joe's
Distance: 3 miles

Image result for snowden movie

Whenever Ciwt is seeking bombastic, possibly truthy biography, she knows she can count on Oliver Stone. Apparently many others feel the same - and avoid him like the plague.  For instance, a decade ago she and a visiting movie-buff friend raced off to the opening showing of Stone's W.  The movie had gotten so much advance hype (another Stone forte) we thought we'd be lucky to get a ticket. Well, Ciwt and her friend were the only ones in the theater..

Stone is a little more slick and plodding than usual (one could even say boring) with his Snowden which is unfortunate because it works against Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Oscar-worthy performance. In many ways Levitt was as constrained by his director as the actual Edward Snowden is by the real world.  But that probably is of little consequence because, once again, Ciwt was the only one in the theater.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Club Quandry Continues --- Day 5/215

Walk: Marin Driving Day: Belvedere, San Rafael
Distance: 6 blocks and Home Yoga

Image result for country clubs

Image result for country clubs
Image result for woodhill country club
Ciwt's Country Club growing up

Ciwt is noticing no matter where you go, they tend to be quite the same in many ways...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Too Far for Ciwt? --- Day 5/214

Walk: Golf Club for bridge afternoon
Distance: Just a mile and small yoga

Image result for Bridge

Image result for Bridge

Image result for Bridge

Did Ciwt mention that her potential golf club also has regular bridge games?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fallen for Fall --- Day 5/213

Walk: de Young Museum
Distance: 1.6 miles (according to Ciwt's iphone pedometer she's had for years but didn't know it until meetings with her wonderful tech person), small home yoga

Official Fall is so subtle in San Francisco.  Here's the de Young today for instance.  It has always been Ciwt's favorite season, and the good news (for her and most of us out here) is she gets to live in it year round out here.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Bear Gait* --- Day 5/212

Walk: Tech Training, Errands, Donation Drop-offs and Nails
Distance: 1 mile

Image result for when things go wrong on an art tour
Robert J Williams ( Instagram artist-illustrator), I'm Here if Things Go Wrong, watercolour

Ciwt is waiting out our San Francisco heat wave (aka unseasonably warm and delightful fall weather elsewhere).

*Even though Pooh Bear isn't Polar, Ciwt thinks it's kind of  interesting to know: Their bulky build and swinging gait cause polar bears to use more than twice as much energy to move at a given speed than most other mammals. The average walking speed of a polar bear is 5.5 kph (3.4 mph). When being chased or charging prey, polar bears can run as fast as 40 kph (25 mph) for short distances.