Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Doctor, My Eyes --- Day 8/5

Walk: de Young Museum (Monet: The Late Years)
Distance: 5 miles

Claude Monet (1840-1926), The Japanese Footbridge, 1899, o/c

Claude Monet (1840-1926), The Japanese Footbridge, 1923-25, o/c
Here we have the same Japanese Footbridge at Claude Monet's home in Giverny painted by him some twenty years apart.  We also have one of the reasons Ciwt could not be a docent.  If she were, she would need to present the lower painting as a marvel of old age daring, an entirely new and laudable way of painting invented by one of the world's most famous and talented artists in his final years. In other words she would need to present/educate along the lines of museums and those who sell and collect art.

But what Ciwt actually sees and believes is the case is the deterioration of Monet's eyesight and therefore talent, particularly after 1908 when he first wrote his doctor My poor eyesight means I see everything as through a fog. In the ensuing years Monet became blind in one eye and, even after cataract surgery, legally blind in the other.  In the year he was painting the lower work (1923) he wrote his doctor the following:

I went through bad days of nerve pain or other, fortunately, calmed and passed by pills.  Apart from that, I see less and less, with or without dark glasses.  The excessive light that we have tires me so much that I am obliged to confine myself in the darkness of the room.  Today, I have had strong spins in the center of the eye itself, and, moreover I always have the sensation of having water in my eye.
               Monet in his bed wearing the protective dark glasses he wore
                       continually for many years in connection with worsening cataracts
Besides on his blindness there is more research available on Monet's late years, none of which indicates he was intentionally embarking on a revolutionary breakthrough in his painting style.  As Philip Kennicott of the Washington Post wrote "..over time Monet grew old, selfish and cussed."  And good for him thinks Ciwt.  From his early twenties on Monet worked assiduously overcoming enormous artistic, personal and financial obstacles to create - invent really -  great, truly revolutionary work that is beloved the world round.  Ciwt thinks don't lionize him with dubious breakthoughs; instead honor his tenacity and true human struggles with advanced age.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A Home Not a Ship --- Day 8/4

Walk: Fort Mason, Ghiradelli Square, Union Square
Distance: 5 miles

So one reason Ciwt doesn't get on airplanes very often is the abundance of attractions right here in her very own city.  Today on one of her favorite walks up and over the hill from Fort Mason to Ghiradelli Square she realized she had never gone to the San Francisco Maritime Museum on the water there.  So in she went in and found an array of quite good crafts created by sailors

Turns out many sailors - on board and on land - adapted their maritime skills (ropes, rigging, sighting, ivory, music, etc) to making folk art, fancywork, early photographs, paintings and other art forms.

Ciwt's favorities, no matter who makes them and where she sees them, are always the detailed miniture models of ships, or, as many a salt has called them, homes.  

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Next Stop Please(?) --- Day 8/3

Walk: Cinema Club (Transit)
Distance: 2 miles, small yoga

Ciwt's Cinema Club movie today was Transit.  Ciwt is going to borrow fromWinston Churchill's description of Russia,* to say it is like a coincidence inside a coincidence wrapped in a coincidence.  Subtly, quietly the enigmatic and unexpected lurks around every corner of Transit throughout all of its 101 minutes.  Personally Ciwt was absorbed in the ongoing suspense, but, beware; many of her Cinema Club audience members reported being bored, bamboozled, angry or completely checked out.  So perhaps you would like to transit right through to the next movie.

* "I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia.  It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma..."
                                   Winston Churchill, Radio Broadcast, October 1, 1939

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Black Step Aside --- Day 8/2

Walk: No, Really finished Spring/Summer Closet caper
Distance: 0, Yoga

Not easy since Ciwt's closet is almost entirely city woman black, but she pressed through with 
her Spring/Summer closet caper and accomplished her goal: no black (almost).  We'll see if she wears those colors or reaches into the wings where her blacks are hiding).  

Friday, March 15, 2019

CIWT YEAR 8 and THE Reader --- Day 8/ONE

Walks: Hood, Presidio, Whereever Ciwt can in our beautiful weather
Distance: 4.5 miles, wee yoga sessions

Ciwt is happy to begin CIWT YEAR 8 with an homage to those who write and read better than she does.  Better than most people anywhere do.

A few days ago, Ciwt wrote to say she was quite impressed with people who apparently read two or more books at once and that she herself might give it a try.*  In response to this, one of her readers sent the picture above.  And, no, those books aren't lying there because they haven't been attended to and the bookshelves are getting dusty.  Those are the books her husband is currently reading. All of them. Soon they will have been read cover to cover and a new pile will begin forming.

Needless to say, Ciwt was stunned.  Luckily her reader also included a note:  The above photo is my husband's reading/rotating book stack.  He rotates 20 (Ciwt's bold) at a time although he says he does better when we travel and he brings along 10 - in both cases replacing finished books with new ones (from Amazon) to be savored.  He assiduously reads, reviews and probably passes over 120 books a year.  As a result he's a fascinating dinner partner and guest.  Plus I luck out because he knows what I like and passes them along.

Knowing Ciwt's brain was likely spinning at this news, her reader sent an addendum to help Ciwt understand how her husband accomplishes this.  Ready?  If he has, say, 10 books,  he reads every other space: Book A, then Book B, then back to Book A, and Book C and so on until he gets to book number 10.  Book A varies; he chooses it because it has the least pages left to read, so the longer books gradually work their way up to Book A position.  

Using this personal system he finishes one book every other day on average. 200 pages a day.  And remember the yearly 120 books in the description above?  Well, it turns out that was an underestimate and he actually reads more like 150 books a year.

Ciwt would like to add a few notes of her own:

1. This topic of exceptional readers and how they do it is surely worthy of some NYT, or New York Review article by an excellent columnist.
2. If you don't quite grasp the husband's system, neither does Ciwt.
3. It should be noted the husband has a PhD in some form of Engineering.
4. Lest you think all this reading is accomplished by a hermit, let Ciwt correct you:  He's a terrific guy; they have a wonderful long marriage and spend much time conversing, entertaining, enjoying their children, grandchildren and each other.  It can be done. 
5.  If you meet such a man, send him Ciwt's way please.
6.  Welcome to CIWT Year 8.  Thank you very much for reading at whatever pace suits you.  You are valued.

*Ciwt Day 7/363

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

With a Whimper --- Day 7/365

Walk: Hood
Distance: 3 miles

Ciwt is sad to end her seventh year of CIWT with sad news about Alex Trebek, the man who has been her dinner partner every night - with very few exceptions - for 35 years.  While she collects her thoughts and sends her hopeful wishes, she offers a partial quote from a longer article by Ken Jennings, 79 consecutive day Jeopardy winner, and links to his full article as well as another (out of many internationally) from the New York Times.  Ciwt is not alone in her feelings.

In praise of Alex Trebek: “Alex Trebek announced a few days ago that he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and that he plans to keep working as he fights the disease. Let me be clear: This is not an elegy. I hope Alex will be hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ for a long time to come. It’s impossible to even imagine the show with anyone else. But he’s been doing one job so long, and so well, that I think we sometimes take him for granted. Let’s make sure that we appreciate the man as long as we have him... In person, he’s decidedly not the stern, judicial presence you might expect. On TV, he’s all business. He has 61 clues to get to, and not a lot of time. Hosting such a dense, fast-moving game is an insanely hard job, but he makes it look effortless. Here’s the belief that lies at the core of Alex’s TV persona: ‘Jeopardy!’ itselfnot he, is the star of the show. It’s all about the format, the players, the facts, the dissemination of answers and questions. It’s hard to imagine any modern TV personality deftly avoiding the spotlight like that.”

What Alex Trebek is Really Like by Ken Jennings
Why America Loves Alex Trebek

Monday, March 11, 2019

Catching a Wave --- Day 7/364

Walk: Crissy Field, Monday Hood Errands
Distance: 4.8 miles

So this morning at Crissy Field there were these guys actually in the Bay with cameras.  Ciwt is guessing a surfing movie is on their horizon.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Multiple Diversions Recommended --- Day 7/363

Walk: No (c-w-r again)
Distance: 0, Yoga

So over the years Ciwt had heard people talking about reading several books at once.  This seemed odd to her and she dismissed the concept.  Now, with months on end of cold-wind-rain (c-w-r) and getting a bit bored with the book group novel she's been reading, she decided to Google the topic.  

Well, turns out having multiple books going can have all sorts of positive effects like keeping the reader stimulated when he/she has run out of steam on one, and enlarging one's understanding of the world for two.  In Ciwt's case there might be the dissipation of guilt factor as well.  She's not a library borrower so she buys books, puts them in her bookcase then, more often than she cares to admit,  never takes them off to read them.  

She's going to give multiples a try; her big question is whether she'll forget the characters and plot on several books at a time. (Likely).  If that happens, she'll take a lesson from her cats. As you might notice from he picture above, Ciwt's cats have no trouble whatsoever with multiple toys and couldn't care less if they forget the one they were just carried away with.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Information, Please --- Day 7/362

Walk: No (another rain-wind-cold one)
Distance: 0, Yoga, and exercising her eyes reading a book club selection

Today is the 7th year, 362nd day of CIWT. Can 365 be far behind?  Time hovers more consciously than before.  Earlier this year it prompted Ciwt to go visit one of those (sensible) places for maybe the 17th year of CIWT.  Oh dear.  The lobby fountain is above; residents dress for dinner, there is ballroom after ballroom for entertaining (this is a guess).  Upstairs things are less grandly appointed but still on the high end of the scale (even the 'health' - read hospital - facilities).

This option - and others like it - are not on Ciwt's wish list, but in year 7 of CIWT it seemed 'sensible' to become informed.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Picture Still A Bit Blurry --- Days 359 and 360

Walk: Day 1: Home doing Spring Wardrobe Closet Caper  Day 2: Clay Theater (Never Look Away)
Distance:  1. 8 blocks  2. 3.5 miles, small yoga

What can Ciwt say about the movie Never Look Away?  Well,  at 3 hours, fifteen minutes, it's a long one.  And because Ciwt is interested in art and artists she found it an interesting study of the creative development of one of the current world's most well known, talented and expensive artists.

The movie is based on the life events of Gerhard Richter.  Our SFMOMA has an extensive collection of his works, and Richter is/was personally befriended, beloved and collected by both the art-powerful Fisher and Schwab families.  Ciwt herself has led tours of Richter's paintings and described his art and life story and relationship to Bay Area collectors numerous times.  But, even as she explained, a part of her could never fully grasp why this painting virtuoso continually changes subject matter and forms - being a Vermeer look alike one moment, a wildly colorful abstract artist the next, then settling for a moment into color chart studies before moving to paintings of blurred photographs. There are more styles, but you get the picture.  The wonder is that Richter is a complete master of each and every style he explores; he truly is a painting genius.

So it felt vaguely comforting to Ciwt to watch Never Look Away and finally 'see' this man, the making of his early paintings and the life she has been touring and explaining.  But it was also vaguely uncomfortable because this was no authorized bio; the characters have fictional names and the media shy Richter himself has said the writer/director "..has managed to abuse and grossly distort my biography."

For Ciwt Don't Look Away might have worked best as a total work of fiction so she didn't have to think about invading and melodramatizing Richter's privacy and very real biography.  Take away that, she liked the movie, thought it was well acted and absorbing, informative about art, beautifully shot and worth 3 hours and fifteen minutes of the time of movie buffs who are interested in the artistic process and one artist's (partially fictionalized) life.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Boot and Stage --- Day 7/358

Walk: Strand Theater (Her Portmanteau), M.A.C. Clothing
Distance: 1.5 Windy, Rainy, Cold Miles (again)

See Ciwt's rain boot nearly touching the stage at the Strand Theater where she sat Front Row Center (to say the least) for Her Portmanteau.  If you think that looks close, they actually rolled the stage forward so the performance was at Ciwt's eye level just a foot or so away.  Even with such visibility she had to ask the woman sitting next to her exactly what happened at the end of the play.  Maybe Ciwt was preoccupied with her neck which had become sore from swiveling right and left to follow the actors. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Standing Tall --- Day 7/357

Walk: CPMC, Hood
Distance: 3.8 miles, Yoga

Standing Tall at Crissy Field

Monday, March 4, 2019

The Colors of Our Lives --- Day 7/358

Walk: The Ever Renewing Crissy Field 
Distance: 3.4 miles, wee yoga

For forty plus yearsCiwt has walked right past the rocks at Crissy Field with hardly a glance. But since adopting her Greige/Tawny cats (named Misty Gris and Tawny) Ciwt has become much more aware of objects in those tones. Whole new world.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Baffled in Plain Sight --- Day7/257

Walk: Cinema Club (The Invisibles)
Distance: 2.4 miles

No particular Ciwt comment on The Invisibles, today's Cinema Club docudrama about 4 young (at the time) German Jews who hid in plain site in Berlin during WWII and survived.  Such a story is riveting, multi-faceted, intense on the face of it.  But The Invisibles, moving from actors to the actual people in their old age and then back all with subtitles was a bit too baffling for Ciwt's little mind and took her away from the importance and depth of the stories being told.  When asked for a show of hands of other audience members who also got lost, Ciwt was interested that over 60% of the assembled movie buffs raised theirs.  Probably good to go and see for yourself; Ciwt gives it a C+.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Last and First --- Days 7/355 and 356

Walk: 1. Discount Fabric House, PGCC  2. Sutter Upholstery, AMC Kubuki (Opera: Daughter of the Regiment)
Distance: 1. 2.3 miles, teen yoga  1. 2.3 rainy mile
Last Gold Fabric in San Francisco finally captured by Ciwt

A couple of golden days for Ciwt.  Just when she was about to give up on finding gold fabric to reslipcover her couch (see previous CIWT days if you at all interested), she drove with little hope to Discount Fabric House. There she was presented with an enormous warehouse of fabrics rolled up and on shelves that rose to the ceiling.  Again, she nearly threw in the towel, but luckily her uphosterer had given her the name of someone she knew there.  Someone who didn't speak any English whatsoever.  But somehow Ciwt and he were able to communicate Gold, enough yards for a couch, strong enough for two cats (his eyes popped at this last).  He was brave enough to climb up to the sky again and again, but through his smiles Ciwt could see he too was ready to throw in the towel  Then, there it was - literally, the only candidate.  Both he and Ciwt were stunned, then overjoyed.

First Opera Encore Ever Seen by Ciwt: Javier Camarena in The Daughter of the Regiment

Then this morning it was off to New York's Metropolitan Opera - at the AMC Kabuki movie theater right here in San Francisco.   What a way to see an Opera!!!  Fabulous acoustics, clear, intimate filming so you are Orchestra Center or closer the whole time.  No heads moving back and forth in front of you, consistent temperature and super comfortable seats. And did Ciwt mention the price?  Ciwt would have been perfectly happy with all these things, but then an unexpected event happened: the lead tenor was so resoundly applauded after one aria that he sang an encore through joyous tears.  Ciwt was stunned again!  She had heard of but never seen an opera encore, and, when she texted her opera buff friend who has been a Met mainstay for decades, she learned they are so rare her friend had never heard one in all her years of attending operas all over the world.  Golden!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pot of Gold Fabric --- Day 7/353, 354

Walk: 1. Sal's Upholstery, etc.  2. Calico Fabrics, etc.
Distance: 1. 8 Blocks then bridge  2. 3.6 Blocks, small yoga

So untrained kittens and 20 years have come to mean a new slipcover for Ciwt's couch.  The kittens are now cats who oblige Ciwt by using their scratching posts (mostly), so that's taken care of.  The fabric is another matter.  Twenty years ago gold tones were perfect for Ciwt's back room where the aging couch sits, and they still are.  

But try to find them in today's fabric offerings!  If she wanted Grey or Beige or the omnipresent Greige she'd have trouble carrying all the samples home.  Gold is another matter; a passe matter actually. Every once in a while Ciwt finds a golden candidate, calls the fabric house and is told "That pattern has been discontinued."  So far six are fabrics of the past. As elusive as that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Of course, like all fashions gold will make a comeback (?), and will those fabric houses ever be sorry when it does! As she trudges empty handed from store to store, Ciwt consoles herself with this thought.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

No Host Highlights --- Day 7/251, 252

Walk: 1. Hood Monday Errands  2. No, another atmospheric river (ie, rainstorm w/wind)
Distance: 1. 3 miles, small yoga   2. Big Yoga

So, what were Ciwt's positive takeaways from this year's Oscars?

Melissa McCarthy in The Favourite rabbit dress: 

After Ciwt recovered from Glenn Close disappointment, Olivia Colman and her acceptance speech were treasures:

Rami Malek's well-deserved win:

Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper creating an international swoon:

No Host which kept the attention on the awards:

Nice gowns, handsome men, no particular glitches, worse movies have won Best Picture, so on the whole an enjoyable way for Oscar Buff Ciwt to spend 5+ hours - but still not a show she could possibly recommend to non-Buffs.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Going and Staying --- Days 7/348, 349, 350

Walk: 1. Presidio   2. No, Agenting   3. No, Agenting again and soon The Oscars!
Distance: 1. 6 miles   2. 0, Yoga   3. 0, Yoga

'Communing' with Rembrandt's Nightwatch at the Rijksmuseum

So Ciwt has been playing travel agent again.  She thought it would be nice to return to Paris and, before there, to Amsterdam to commune with the Dutch Master paintings she missed when her knee accident prevented her from going to D.C. for its Old Masters show.  All was well for a while as she considered hotels and flights but then she began encountering more and more articles about the crowds in Amsterdam. The early ones warned about summer and vacation times, but the more recent ones talk about year round throngs of tourists - to the point where Amsterdam is considering restrictive measures.

The days of European art communing seem to be over.  Paris was quite crowded when Ciwt went  two years ago - in January, the month when 'nobody' was supposed to be there.  Then there are the matters of 11 and 12 hour flights, extremely pricey hotels, how fast the French speak their native tongue and how much of her own company Ciwt wants as she stands in lines and eats alone.

So, she's taken off her Travel Agent hat just in time to turn on her TV for the RED carpet. Celebrities will begin walking down it in just a matter of minutes; what will they wear? who will win? how awful will the snafus be?   Check in tomorrow for updates....

Friday, February 22, 2019

Everybody's Nosy Century After Century --- Day 7/347

Walk: AMC Kabuki (Everybody Knows)
Distance: 3 miles

So when Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem make a movie together Ciwt has to go even if the reviews are pretty discouraging.  And off she went to Everybody Knows this afternoon feeling pretty spry. Then over two hours later home she came feeling a bit disspirited.  Things she knows for sure from watching Everybody Knows:  

. Penelope Cruz is just as beautiful from every angle with or without make up as you think she is.
. Javier Bardem is just as manly and such a good actor he actually makes you forget Anton Chighur.
. Every woman in Spain is gorgeous, ultra feminine, and sexy.  The Spanish men are in their male          world and don't seem to notice.
. Ciwt would go stark raving mad if she lived in a picturesque small Spanish village. And so would the villagers because she would be such a terrible fit.
. Everybody Knows is an absorbing, well acted, darkly fascinating social study.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Masked (and Horned) Bandits --- Day 7/346

Walk: Marin Driving Day
Distance: A few blocks, Yoga

With the Oscars on the way this Sunday, Ciwt posts her first video (fingers crossed).  So what will you view in muted colors with little action?  It's a webcam doc of a mother Great Horned Owl sitting on two eggs that are expected to hatch in early March.  And it is all the rage around the San Francisco Presidio and beyond with 100,000 already watching daily.  Now you can be one of them.

There's tension and drama involved in the story as well because the nest in use was actually stolen from a pair of Red Tailed Hawks who hatched two chicks in it last year - as witnessed by over 200,000.  Here's a link to the story and web cam.  It won't win any Oscars but is pretty dear.

My, What a Big Place You Have --- Day 7/345

Walk: Up and Down Stairs, in and out of Town School Clothes Closet and UPS
Distance: 1 mile

Before:  Ignore cat, Notice hangers, white air filter, multipiece radio/cd/tape player below tv and cardboard box of cds.

                                          After: speaks for itself.  

Now multiply by every room, floor, closet, shelf in Ciwt's home and you might imagine how free she is feeling after the two professional organizers she hired drove away yesterday in their two filled-to-the-brim SUV's.  Highly recommended.  You will feel like you are living in a mansion no matter how small your space.  At least Ciwt does.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Consider This? --- Day 7/344

Walk: Hood in the cold
Distance: 2 miles, Yoga

Ciwt's bookgroup discussed this one today - along with nearly every book group in the country it seems.  Many people write in reviews this their absolute favorite book e-v-e-r, and the Wall Street Journal devoted a long front page article on it.  In other words it is a phenomenon.  

Ciwt's group only just liked Crawdads.. on the whole but found it led to many interesting discussions.  Like why it is so popular, for one. 

Just reporting in in case you are looking for a book to consider.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Never Too Late... --- Day 7/343

Walk: Hood on a glorious, nippy, sunny day at last! inclucing Mostly British Festival (Elizabeth)
Distance:  4 miles 

Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth I in Shekhar Kapur's 1992 movie
And: The late and missed Roger Ebert's review:

Shekhar Kapur, who directed "The Bandit Queen" (1995) about a fierce modern Indian Robin Hood, here clothes Elizabeth, her court and her architecture in the colors and texture of medieval India. The film is largely set in vast, echoing halls, their pillars reaching up into the shadows. He is attentive to the rustle of dresses and the clank of armor, gives us a barge on the Thames like a houseboat on a lake in Kashmir. Action is glimpsed through iron filigree screens, dresses are rich with embroidery, hairstyles are ornately elaborated, and yet there is the feeling that just out of sight of these riches are the rats in the kitchen and the slop-pots in the halls. This is not the Ye Olde approach, but a society still inventing gentility; sex is so linked with politics that old Sir William demands to inspect Elizabeth's sheets every morning, to keep tabs on possibly alarming developments in her private life.
At the end of the film, Elizabeth announces, "I have become a virgin." And so she remained, ruling over and in some sense creating the England that gave us Shakespeare. Think what a play he might have written about her, if commoners had been allowed to create characters out of reigning monarchs. No doubt he retired in sheer frustration.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Blue Tape Brigade --- Days 7/340. 341 &342

Walk: 1. Hood   2. Mostly British Film Festival (Edie, Looking for Lennon)  3. Cinema Club (STYX)
Distance: 1. 3 Rainy, Breezy Miles, yoga  2. 1.5 cold miles  3. 2  chilly miles, Yoga


Blue tape starts small, then gets bigger and bigger as Ciwt gets bolder and more ruthless. For the past few days Ciwt has been deep into her closets, bookshelves, under her bed and noticing again all the things that have been hiding in plain sight over the years.  All the while carrying her roll of blue tape, ripping it and sticking it onto all the objects that will be taken away by a couple of organizer/drill sergeants on Wednesday. 

Lots of her friends have done these deep clean outs over the years in the process of moving to new homes, but this is Ciwt's first experience with an 'almost moving' purge.  She's been pre-selecting with her blue tape in order to practice imagining her place wihout these objects/friends/identity/whatever they may mean to her.  How will it feel when there is empty space where they have been sitting all these years?  Free, open, airy, spacious she hopes, but it is still a bit unnerving.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine Flowers --- Day 7/339

Walk: Not really (Rain/Wind Again), downstairs and to de Young Museum for Monet opening
Distance: A Few Blocks, Yoga

So, Ciwt was at Trader Joe's a couple of days ago and could barely get in because of the crush of flowers and hearts everywhere.  Wah?? she thought.  Then she clicked, Valentine's Day was coming!
 Now today, here it is and what better place to celebrate it than the Cocktail Exhibition Preview of the de Young's new show MONET, the late years .

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Atmospheric River at Ground Level --- Day 7/338

Walk:  No (Another Opportunity Day for Home Projects 😒)
Distance: 0, Yoga

Pretty When Wet




Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Crowning King --- Day 7/337

Walk: Pre-Atmospheric River Errands and SF Playhouse (King of the Lees)
Distance: 4.5 miles

Just home from the first few hours of our latest 'atmospheric river,'  the first few days of SF Playhouse's production of King of the Yees and an after play talk with the actors.  Excellent experience all the way around, but, yawn, now it is late.  Tomorrow. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Sun Goes Down on Another Nail Clip --- Day 7/336

Walk: Fillmore
Distance: 8 blocks, Yoga


Sunday, February 10, 2019

The B Word --- Days 7/334 & 5

Walk: 1. No (Cold & Rain & Wind, all day)  2. Later (but still cold and showers)
Distance: 1. 0 and Too Boared, ooops, bored to do yoga 2. 3.4 Forced miles, Forced yoga

Constant (seeming) rain and cold, no new movies, closets capered, book group books read, basically All rainy day projects completed.  No matter how she looks at it Ciwt is B-O-R-E-D.  (She'll recover...)