Sunday, February 17, 2019

Blue Tape Brigade --- Days 7/340. 341 &342

Walk: 1. Hood   2. Mostly British Film Festival (Edie, Looking for Lennon)  3. Cinema Club (STYX)
Distance: 1. 3 Rainy, Breezy Miles, yoga  2. 1.5 cold miles  3. 2  chilly miles, Yoga


Blue tape starts small, then gets bigger and bigger as Ciwt gets bolder and more ruthless. For the past few days Ciwt has been deep into her closets, bookshelves, under her bed and noticing again all the things that have been hiding in plain sight over the years.  All the while carrying her roll of blue tape, ripping it and sticking it onto all the objects that will be taken away by a couple of organizer/drill sergeants on Wednesday. 

Lots of her friends have done these deep clean outs over the years in the process of moving to new homes, but this is Ciwt's first experience with an 'almost moving' purge.  She's been pre-selecting with her blue tape in order to practice imagining her place wihout these objects/friends/identity/whatever they may mean to her.  How will it feel when there is empty space where they have been sitting all these years?  Free, open, airy, spacious she hopes, but it is still a bit unnerving.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine Flowers --- Day 7/339

Walk: Not really (Rain/Wind Again), downstairs and to de Young Museum for Monet opening
Distance: A Few Blocks, Yoga

So, Ciwt was at Trader Joe's a couple of days ago and could barely get in because of the crush of flowers and hearts everywhere.  Wah?? she thought.  Then she clicked, Valentine's Day was coming!
 Now today, here it is and what better place to celebrate it than the Cocktail Exhibition Preview of the de Young's new show MONET, the late years .

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Atmospheric River at Ground Level --- Day 7/338

Walk:  No (Another Opportunity Day for Home Projects 😒)
Distance: 0, Yoga

Pretty When Wet




Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Crowning King --- Day 7/337

Walk: Pre-Atmospheric River Errands and SF Playhouse (King of the Lees)
Distance: 4.5 miles

Just home from the first few hours of our latest 'atmospheric river,'  the first few days of SF Playhouse's production of King of the Yees and an after play talk with the actors.  Excellent experience all the way around, but, yawn, now it is late.  Tomorrow. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Sun Goes Down on Another Nail Clip --- Day 7/336

Walk: Fillmore
Distance: 8 blocks, Yoga


Sunday, February 10, 2019

The B Word --- Days 7/334 & 5

Walk: 1. No (Cold & Rain & Wind, all day)  2. Later (but still cold and showers)
Distance: 1. 0 and Too Boared, ooops, bored to do yoga 2. 3.4 Forced miles, Forced yoga

Constant (seeming) rain and cold, no new movies, closets capered, book group books read, basically All rainy day projects completed.  No matter how she looks at it Ciwt is B-O-R-E-D.  (She'll recover...)

Friday, February 8, 2019

Keepers???? --- Days 7/331,332 & 333

Walk: 1. Union Square Returns
          2. Keeper Clothes Fittings
          3. Put Dress Up Section Together and To Rest
Distance: 1. 5 Miles and Yoga   2.  3 Miles and Yoga   3.  Rainstorm and Yoga

Sorry for the CIWT gap but Ciwt was busy making her final decisions about all those dresses she ordered on line.  Sadly, the ones above had to go back.  But now they are available for You!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

In A 2-Month Tizzy --- Day 7/330

Walk: Hood Errands Before Tech Appt
Distance: 3 Miles

Preparing for Techman Visit and Somehow Taking Selfie

Really, how does Ciwt's Tech Hero do it?  She's good at preparing a slew of questions between visits.  Then when he arrives, she's excellent at handing him the list of questions all neatly typed. "Oh, Good," he says. "Let's get started.  Explain what you mean by the first question.."

This is when Ciwt starts falling apart. Of course she has totally forgotten the circumstances of that question or how to reconstruct the problem she would like solved and/or how to explain it in a way that makes sense to him.  Then many minutes go by during which we try to arrive at some approximation of what she is asking him to work on.  Because he is nice and patient, he and Ciwt usually get there, and then he solves her problem.

"OK, now what about your second question....."  Question after Question the process repeats.

And the wonder is he Does solve them - every one - all the while remaining nice, kind, patient, even fun.  At that point Ciwt is always appreciative even while her brain is spinning in her head. 

This happens about every 2 months...

Monday, February 4, 2019

All the (Hopefully) Pretty Dresses --- Day 7/329

Walk: No
Distance: Yoga, Dresses On, Off, On, Off

Yay, Boxes to Play In!  
Since joining her club Ciwt has had need for a few new dresses but no desire to spend much for them.  Especially because the small fancy dress part of her closet contains old, mostly unworn and dated garments she remembers spending a pretty penny for.  Enter the internet and the deep discount departments of famous stores.  After spending hours on line pouring through pictures she located a few she will give a try.  They arrived today- in a driving rainstorm.  Perfect weather for the trying on ordeal.  Fingers crossed.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Rainy Days, Movies and Bowl Game --- Day 7/328

Walk: Cinema Club (Woman At War)
Distance:  2 Miles

An excellent film from Iceland with a terrible title.  Ciwt suggests ignoring the latter and going to the film when it comes to your local theater.  It was also an excellent prelude to the annual Men At War in Super Bowl LIII.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Fun (For Some) After the Storm --- Day 7/327

Walk: Crissy Field
Distance: 3 Miles, Wee Yoga

      Crissy Field Beach Usually

                                             Crissy Field Beach Today (is Where?)

The Bay Area had a big blow rainstorm last night so Ciwt went down to Crissy Field today to check out what Mother Nature had wrought.  Turned out basically nothing except an enormously high tide that disappeared the beach and created huge, pond size puddles on the walkway.  Those latter in turn attracted ecstatic dogs and children frolicking, splashing and getting completely soaked. Near them were owners and parents yelling "Stop! Get Out of the Water! No!"  To no avail, of course.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Revival --- Day 7/326

Walk: AMC Metreon Theater (They Shall Not Grow Old)
Distance: 2.6 miles, Yoga

     AMC Metreon, Theater 12 Entrance

Walk right in, sit right down, go back 100 years to the front lines of World War I in Peter Jackson's  movie They Shall Not Grow Old.  Like many people Ciwt has studied World War I history and read some of the greatest books about it like All Quiet on the Western Front, The Guns of August, Birdsong.  So she felt she had some mental picture of that war.  Until today when Jackson showed her the vast difference between intellectually knowing and actually witnessing.

Through sheer love, dedication, technical innovation and peristence Jackson took old WWI film footage and 1960's interviews with survivors 'as is' (ie, shrunken, scratched, nearly black, barely audible and other ravages of age), applied virtual technical wizardry and came up with a coherently  plotted, well paced, narrated, scored 'contemporary' documentary Thanks to him, You Are There, looking directly at and listening to the young soldiers, horses, trenches, battlefields of World War I.  The horrors are all there but handled in such a way that you don't look away, and there is so much more: dailiness, humor and play (yes!), nobility, duty among them none of it sensationalized.   You Are Engrossed, and your horizons and humanity are vastly, vastly expanded.

Thank you,  Mr.Jackson .

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Away Twice --- Days 7/325 & 6

Walk: 1. Golden Gate Theater (Come From Away) 2. Hood buying supplies before weekend storm
Distance: 3 miles  2. 4 miles

Come From Away: Schoenfeld Theater, New York 

Ciwt was lucky enough to get to Come From Away in New York this fall and then again yesterday in San Francisco.  She liked it very much in both cities.  It starts kind of like a college review or talent show but gets deeper and deeper as the threads of the story begain weaving together and becomes a heartwarming, dare Ciwt say fun?, musical about September 9/11.  Impossible to believe, but true.

Come From Away: Golden Gate Theater, San Francisco

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Beach Houses at Crissy Field --- Day 7/324

Walk: Hood
Distance: 2 miles, Yoga

Or maybe you would prefer this Sea Ranch home currently on the market for $2,290,000:

Monday, January 28, 2019

One Year With Ciwt --- Day 7/323

Walk: Crissy Field, Pet Food Express
Distance: 4.6 miles, Yoga

A year ago today Ciwt put two frightened cats into her almost new car and drove them to their new home. Truth be told, Ciwt was frightened too.  So it is One Year Anniversary  Celebration Day around here, and their gifts are two New Boxes!!!   She's sure their excitement about these presents will grow  - and that she'll be able tell them apart by their Two Year Anniversary.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

I Said NO Porridge --- Days 7/320, 21, 22

Walk: 1. No, chained to computer  2. No, chained to computer then club  3. Trader Joe's
Distance: 1. 0, teeny yoga    2. 0, try on dress clothes from deep in closet for club dinner, teeny yoga,
                3. 2.8 miles, Soon to do necessary Yoga

So, on Day 1 Ciwt in San Francisco got a call, text And email from her credit card company asking if she was the one charging a slew of video games in Bellevue, WA.  No, of course, and you know the rest: she was condemned to spend the rest of the day at her computer notifying various accounts about her cancelled card.

Then on Day 2 Ciwt still in San Francisco got an email from Apple telling her she was about to run out of storage on the cloud.  So, it was back to her computer for more hours of deleting old files and pictures - and reliving years of her life.  

When she was done with that second nearly complete day at her desk, she had to go to the darkest part of her closet, dust off her dress up clothes and figure out what to wear to a dinner event at her club - again reliving part of her past and capturing her thoughts.

So, today, Day Three,  she is home from the club, caught up with computer stuff for a while, recovering from the club event, and basically recovering her life.  She has no interest in thinking of things her CIWT readers might like to hear because, if she did, she would have to go Back to Her Computer to write about them.  No Thank You.  

Off now to her yoga mat on which she will do only the poses that she enjoys. Calmness will hopefully prevail .   Omm.......

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sequential, Not Permanent --- Day 7/319

Walk: Union Square, SFMOMA
Distance: 2 miles

     At SFMOMA today on her way to visit Richard Serra's massive steel sculpture, SequenceCiwt saw instead a huge dark grey wall with portholes and people couching to see through. "Oh no, she thought, "Sequence is leaving the building," and, sadly she was right.  

Actually, part of the building was leaving the building in order for that to happen. Sequence arrived before the renovated SFMOMA reopened in 2016. It was set in place and then a ceiling and walls were built around it.  So, on its departure an entire glass and steel wall was removed from SFMOMA, Sequence was reduced to its huge parts, loaded on 12 flatbed semi trucks and readied for travel back from whence it came: the Cantor at Stanford.  Ciwt will miss it. 

Last Segment of Sequence Leaves SFMOMA

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Teacher, Are You Sure You're Looking at the Clock? --- Day 7/318

Walk: Iyengar Yoga Institute, Trader J's
Distance: 3.5 miles, Big Yoga

Iyengar Yoga Teacher (Not Ciwt) plus ropes, wall and blocks

Five minutes is a long time to be in a headstand for Ciwt.  And the same or longer for shoulder stand.  Not to mention a bunch of poses yanking (ooops) assisting herself with ropes, blocks, bolsters and using the wall and chairs to make absolutely sure she is doing the forward bend as deeply as she possibly can.

Such is Iyengar yoga.  Not fun, endorphin releasing like the movement yoga Ciwt has done, taught and now teaches herself.  But good for Ciwt because, even when teaching, she didn't put students in inversions or really any poses for long.  And now that she is her own teacher, No Way. So Iyengar and now those teachers trained in his system is Ciwt's (occasional/supplemental) taskmaster, at least for a while.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

By The Memorable Moody Sea --- Days 316-17

Walk: 1. No, Home cancelling credit card accounts because someone got Ciwt's #
          2. SFMOMA,  Embarcadero Cinema (Cold War)
Distance: 1. 0, Yoga   2. 5 Miles, Small Yoga

Are we at Sea Ranch yet?  No, Virginia, we're at SFMOMA taking in their current architecture and design show.  Usually Ciwt passes on such shows on top of which the whole Design area of SFMOMA is nearly hidden around a barely noticable blind corner on the 6th Floor.  But today she was glad she made the effort because they had built a 'typical' Sea Ranch house for her and other mueum goers to hang out in and equipped it with a TV that told the Sea Ranch story.

That meant she didn't have to study all the original architectural drawings.  Many people really enjoy poring over those, but not Ciwt.

What is Sea Ranch you may ask.  It is a planned architectural community about 100 miles north of San Francisco that was developed with great Utopian vision and 60's idealism, saw some of those smashed and has now become a tranquil (if Very Windy) vacation favorite (for architectural purists and people who like to  ramble and read books in near absolute silence).  One New York Times writer who visited says the median age of visitors was 69 when she was there.  It is a fun article is you feel like reading.

The Sea Ranch: Architecture, Environment, and Idealism runs until April 28 at SFMOMA. 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Can You Hear Me.....? --- Day 7/315

Walk: No, Waiting for Comcast
Distance: 0, yoga while waiting

If you haven't heard from Ciwt for a while, it's nothing personal. Today Ciwt spent Sunday with Comcast waiting for and then 'working with' a tech to resolve those communication glitches. We've all been there; no need to elaborate.  So far, so good.  Let the communication resume...

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Biking to Work --- Day 7/314

Walk: Fort Mason FOG and Design Art Show
Distance: 4 miles

Friday, January 18, 2019

Cat's Got My _____ --- Days 7/311,12 &13

Walk: No (stomr), No (storm), Crissy Field
Distance: 0, 0, 2.5 and yoga

Ciwt is glad she has cats because she can blame them for:

Deleting emails she was sure were in her inbox,
Misplacing things she can't find,
Not making the bed or washing the dishes,
Letting Ciwt get away not writing CIWT for 3 days!

Watch what other cat owners put up with in the video above.


                          Sneaking Away

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Whale Out of Water --- Day 7/310

Walk: PGCC Book Group (An American Marriage)
Distance: a few blocks, a few asanas

So Ciwt was walking on Crissy Field the other day when she spotted this: 

Whaaa?  Looked like a whale out of water and on Crissy Field field.   

So she walked closer:
and closer

Until she was so close she could see the huge ocean creature was made of PLASTIC! 😱 

Then she was able to read a sign that told her that every nine minutes 300,000 pounds of plastic, the weight of a blue whale, makes its way into the ocean.  Turns out the whale out of water is also out of the Monterey Bay Aquarium; it is visiting Crissy Field to make people aware of our plastic footprint and is just one visual, educational part of the Aquarium's campaign to take on plastic pollution.  If you can't visit the whale at Crissy Field, you can read more here.