Monday, February 28, 2022

Next Time Ciwt Gets a Dog --- 11/24 & 25

Walk: 1. AMC Kabuki 8 (Drive My Car  again) 2. Monday errands

Distance: 1. 3 miles 2. 4.7 miles

Meanwhile Ciwt comes home from her Monday errands exhausted to find her cats lying in the same place she left them in and just barely glancing up at her.  No, they don't volunteer to help her unpack or take out the trash.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Is It Over? --- Days 11/21, 22 & 23

Walk: 1. Magic Flute Restaurant 2. SFMOMA 3. Open Houses

Distance: 1. 4 miles 2. 6.7 miles walk/lope 3. 4.9 miles

“I really thought that I’d get out more once the Ice Age ended.”

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Last Words At Last --- Days 11/19 & 20

Walk: 1. GG Pickleball 2. Inverness

Distance: 1. 3 miles, 90 minutes pickle 2. 2 miles

So in early January Ciwt gave herself a week or so to update her will. Now today - at least 6 weeks later - she is finally finished!!  All signed, dated, witnessed by 2 people, notarized and legal. Whew and Onward!

Monday, February 21, 2022

On Presidents Day 2022: Official Portraits So Far --- Day 11/18

Walk: Monday errands

Distance: 2 miles lope, 4 miles walk= 6 miles


Gilbert Stuart, George Washington, 1797, oil on canvas, White House Collection


Kehinde Wiley, Barack Obama, 2018, oil on canvas, National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Feet Up --- Day 11/18

Walk: No, Day of Rest

Distance: n/a

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Best of The Worst --- 11/17

Walk: AMC Kabuki (The Worst Person in the World)

Distance: 2 miles lope 🐎 & 3.5 miles walk 

There were times while watching The Worst Person in the World when Ciwt totally forgot she was looking at a movie.  Many scenes appear to happen in undramatic real time and there isn't a scintilla of artifice in any of the acting.  But of course the Worst Person... is drama - precisely directed and beautifully acted.  It is lighter than a feather, deeper than melancholy, humorous, enraging, engaging, unpredictable.  In other words, life like and very human.  Often set against The Scream's 😱flamingly unsettled Oslo sky.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Personal Tulipmania --- Days 11/15 & 16

Walk: 1. Hamilton Pickleball  2. West Portal 

Distance: 1. 3.5 miles, 90 minutes pickle  2. 2 miles, chair yoga

Thiebaud and Tulips

Tawny and Tulips

Mark Adams and tulips

Twilight and Tulips

$12 for two dozen at Trader Joe's!!   And Ciwt is addicted to tulips.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Ciwt in Motion --- Days 11/13 & 14

Walk: 1. Hood    2.  Hood

Distance: 1. walk/lope 3 miles  2. 2 walk/lope 4.5 miles

So, Ciwt has found this new gait.  It's kind of like this only without the plastic container.  Looks pathetic, but she can go on and on, up hills and down, over hill and dale.

Monday, February 14, 2022

365 --- Days 11/11 & 12

Walk: 1. Presidio  2. Nob Hill

Distance: 1. 3 miles  2. lope: 2.5 miles, walk: 3.5 miles = 6 miles 

From: CIWT

To: CIWT Readers

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Deadly --- Day 11/10

Walk: Vogue Theater (Death on the Nile)

Distance: 3 miles

Unfortunately, Kenneth Branagh's 2022 version of Death on the Nile was about as lively and well edited as the picture of its cast above.  Even the Pyramids, the Nile and other Egyptian spectacals were dull - a particular disappoint for armchair traveler Ciwt.

Best to just treasure Branagh's Belfast which was excellent and up for Oscars this year.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Oh Dear --- Days 11/8 & 9


Walk: 1. Hood  2. Banks

Distance: 1. 5.4 miles  2. 3.6 miles

Craig Green A/W 2022 show at The Factory in London, England, on February 9, 2022

Oh dear, just as more U.S, shops are opening again, it seems one of the most stylish outerwear is still  suffering from pandemic brain fog.

Ciwt has a few of their coats which she bought to be warm when she takes her Fall trip to the East Coast.  Also because they are sleek, attractive and very 'in' in NYC.   

Guess their new outfits will offer social distance - if anyone buys them.......

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Oh, No. Are We There Already? --- Days 11/6 & 7

Walk: 1. GG Pickleball  2. Opera Plaza Cinema (Drive My Car)

Distance: 1. 3 miles, 1 hour pickle  2. 4.5 miles

There are a few definitions of 'masterpiece.'  And now there is a new one: Ryusuke Hamaguchi's movie Drive My Car.

The most widely understood meaning of the word is a work done with extraordinary skill especially a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement.  And there you have Drive My Car.  Straight forward and complex; sparkling and dark; elusive and definite; intimate and remote; immediate and eternal.  The multiple layers go on and on.

Perhaps the quickest way to describe Hamaguchi's achievement is to say is three hours long with subtitles - and you don't even notice.  When Drive My Car ended, Ciwt's reaction wasn't the 'Whew!' she expected when she set out for the theater.  It was,  'Is that all?' 

Monday, February 7, 2022

Window Gazing --- Day 11/5

Walk/Jog: Presidio, Vogue Theater (Rear Window)

Distance: 4.5 miles, Yoga

So this afternoon Ciwt revisited Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, the only one of his movies to win Oscar for Best Picture.  With its outstanding screenplay and cinematography (both of which also won Oscars) and legendary cast including Grace Kelly and Jimmie Stewart in one of his four Hitchcock films, it has stood the test of time.  In fact with social media and all the current privacy issues and debates, you could say it is even more timely.

Unfortunately it also brought Ciwt back to the days a few years ago when she was recovering from a knee accident.  Hour after hour she would sit peddling her stationary peddler and looking out the window.  No murders, no Prince Charming, no screenplay - just peddaling.  

But today she's out and about, and breezing off to Hitchcock classics, so all those tedious hours were definitely worth it,

Sunday, February 6, 2022

From Iceland to the World --- Days 11/3 & 4

Walk: 1. Opera House (Ballet) 2. No

Distance: 1. 6.5 miles 2. n/a

Two years away and Ciwt had forgotten the thrill of San Francisco Ballet.  The music, the choreography, the sheer athletic ability of the dancers - and how stunningly gorgeous and talented each individual dancer is.  

Thanks in so many ways to Iceland native Helgi Tomasson. 

The Artistic Director and Principal Choreographer arrived 37 years ago with venerated classical dancing talent and set about turning a respected, regional company into the one of the most renowned and respected companies in the world.  Having worked a bit with artists, donors, budgets, egos, Ciwt can only imagine how much vision, determination, fortitude, diplomacy, patience and deep sense of the possibilities of ballet this must have called on. 

And then there was the pandemic with Tomasson responding by keeping the artistic team whole and finding ways to safely bring the Company and upper levels of the SF Ballet School back to the studios.  On top of that, he worked to innovate and completely reconceive ways to bring dance to audiences when they couldn't come in person. The digital season he 'chorographed' was an enormous and greatly appreciated success and extended Tomasson and SF Ballet's reach throughout the international world of ballet. 

Oh, and there are the 50 ballets he has choreographed, the new work and festivals he's commissioned and mounted, the visionary and exacting selection of dancing talent (often against oppostion).  

This entire SF Ballet season is a celebration of and tribute to Tommason because he will walk off the Opera House stage as director and principal choreographer sometime this summer. Even as he retires his work will continue through the internationally acclaimed ballet school he developed, and his legacy will continue to attract innovative stagers, experimental as well as classical choreographers, and those gorgeous dancers.

Helgi Tommason

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Kánei krýo* --- Day 11/2

Walk: Berggruen Gallery Thiebaud Memorial Exhibition, SFMOMA

Distance: 4 miles, yoga

The Acropolis of Athens during a January '22 snowfall

All the togas and diaphanous gowns in thoseclassical paintings had Ciwt thinking it was always warm in Athens.   


* Translation: "It's cold" in greek.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Now We Are Eleven --- Day 11/1

Walk: Golden Gate Park Botanical Garden

Distance: 2.5 miles lope, 2.5 miles walk

The magnificent magnolias in Golden Gate Park are just getting started.  

Just like CIWT Year 11.  Welcome to both.


Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Goodbye 10 --- Day 10/365

Walk: no

Distance: n/a

CIWT Year 10 heads off into a San Francisco windy day.  Thank you for your company, dear readers.  Hope to see you in Year 11.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Trying Project Over --- Days 10/362, 363, 364

Walk: 1. No 😕 (Update continues, but great progress made) 2. Monday errands 3. mostly drivomg to final details of updates

Distance: 1. n/a   2. 2.5 miles lope, 1.5 miles walk = 4 miles 3. Just 1 mile

All updated - except mind