Wednesday, August 10, 2022

All The Easier To See --- Days 11/179.180,181

Walks/Lopes:  Hood/Presidio

Distances: 5 miles average, small yogas

So these are the birds Ciwt has identified in the 'unnatural' park next door to her new building.  Funny they should all have red coloring.  Or maybe neophyte birder Ciwt wouldn't have spotted them otherwise.

Downy Woodpecker (Pacific Male)

Red Headed Parakeet

Red-Shouldered Hawk

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Now We Are Five and ..... --- 11/175, 176, 177 & 178

Lopes/Walks: Presidio, Hood

Distances: 4.5 miles, small yogas

When Ciwt adopted her two sister cats no one was sure exactly when they had been born. That being the case she decided to give them her birthday.  SO, today is a BIG one around here.  The cats are 5, and Ciwt is. well, older than that.......All healthy and enjoying their celebrations.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Peperomia Frost At Home --- Days 11/173, 174 & 175

Walks:  "Unnatural' Park, Hood 

Distances: 3,6 miles average, small yogas

Peperomia Silver and San Francisco

Ciwt is still scratching her head about how to make her new place feel more like home (besides giving it time which is the real answer).  A houseplant 'pet' came to mind, but not one that would require a lot of pampering and certainly not one that wouldn't survive because it was never meant to be in the place Ciwt set it.  She needed expert advice for that, so off she went with photos of her place to a speciality plant store a few blocks away.  And home she came with cute little easy-care Peperomia Frost you see above.