Saturday, August 13, 2022

Two Blue --- Days 182, 183 & 184

Walks/Lopes:  Hoods and Presidio

Distances: 5 miles, small yogas

CaliforniaScrub Jay

So Ciwt is proud to announce that she has now spotted a bird with no red in her 'unnatural' next door park.  

The fetching California scrub jay with - Ciwt came home and read -  deep azure blue, clean white underparts, and soft gray-brown.  She also read that scrub jays are 'very common' which made her a little less proud.  Oh, and truth be told, there were two of them just hanging out on the ground in a flat grassy place.  Also they didn't change a thing they were doing, muchless fly away, when Ciwt stood looking at them.

But, still, she did spot them.  And onto her new 'unnatural park' bird list they go!

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