Monday, August 15, 2022

Bird Hide? --- Days 11/185 & 186

Walks/Lopes:  Presidio, Hood, Park Next door

Distances: 5 miles, small yogas

         Malabar Parakeets (aka blue-winged parakeets)

So, Ciwt doubts she'll ever spot a Malabar parakeet and will need to settle for the rambuncious Red-Headed ones in her next door park.  This pair was actually photographed by an under-16 photographer who waited patiently in a bird hide in Karnataka, India  for this prize winning shot.*

*The contest was the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2022 which attracted more than 8,000 entries in eight different categories celebrating the natural world.  

Nature TTl is a website obsessed with nature photography and offering high quality tutorials by real professional nature photographers.  They've been doing it since 2014.

Hmmmm.  Maybe a new Ciwt hobby(?).....Although she's not sure bird hides are allowed in her little urban park.

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