Sunday, August 28, 2022

No Color Please --- Days 11/199 & 200

Walks/Lopes: You know, neighborhood

Distances: 5 miles

So Ciwt comes from a generation where much was made of color.  Think of Matisse, Rothko, the decorator Dorothy Draper who famously in the late 40's draped the Greenbriar Resort in intense colors:

So she is a bit non-plussed as she watches her home of 40 years become 'millenialized.'  It is quite clear that her  new, younger potential buyers have no interest whatsoever in color.  Unless you are talking about black and ______.  

Let's take for example her former living room:
Here it is so far on its way to complete millenialization:


And instead of brass and traditional fixtures, you have: 

black doorknobs

(post) modern lighting 

After she got over the initial shock, Ciwt is now quite enjoying watching this new aesthetic move into her old place.

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