Monday, September 30, 2013

Not On The Boardwalk --- Day 2/260

Walk: Santa Cruz
Distance: 1.5 miles

Nice lunch today at Aldo's down Santa Cruz way.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Drifting Along -- Day 2/259

Walk: Legion of Honor
Distance: 10 blocks

Kids make sailing craft at Boating Day in connection with the Impressionists on the Water Exhibition.

While the Great CIWT Pensee continues

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lovely Wasteland --- Day 2/258

Walk: Mindful Body, Sundance Kabuki (Don Jon)
Distance: 3 miles and teach yoga class

“I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.” 
― William ShakespeareShakespeare's Sonnets

Ah, to ponder.  I enjoy 'wasting' time.  Just sort of ambling round in my mind.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Cogitating - Day 2/258

Walk: Trader Joe's, Laurel Village, Mindful Body
Distance: 3.5 miles and take yoga class

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Comp Art -- Day 2/257

Walk: de Young
Distance: 1 mile and home yoga practice.  Still on the mend.

The de Young Museum lecture today was on Modern Printmaking Techniques.  I've taken printmaking studio/workshop tours several times, studied the processes quite a bit (sort of) but it doesn't really sink in.  The technical aspects of what paper was used, what tools, now what computer and high speed printer, etc. are quite mind-numbing to me.

I guess as a former art dealer/gallery worker, I'm more interested in modern multiples in terms of how they are - or can be - valued.  What is the worth of a digitally created computer art image that you pay to have downloaded to your computer screen or ipad?  The artist who created the program may 'promise' - even guarantee you - to destroy/erase the program/image after 'x' number of people have paid to download it.  But how do you know?  Are you really going to pursue the matter?  What if one of the downloaders decides to put the image on YouTube?  So, as an art seller, how do I convince my buyer the computer image has value, is worth their investment?

Silk screens (signed or unsigned) were questionable enough in terms of value in my art profession days.  But computer generated art, maybe reproduced on inkjet printers, how would I sell that?  People are doing it - selling and buying it - even as I write.  And apparently many 'true' (well known) artists who were skeptical or completely opposed to computer generated art now embrace it.  Computers have gotten much faster and more complex, and what these artists love most is that their thoughts can be Immediately registered.  They feel the computer can become their brain, stay absolutely present with (maybe ahead of) their creative process.  Coupled with the vast and instant range of colors, generating art digitally (electronically) is apparently exhilarating, joyous.

As always these days, hold onto your hat CIWT.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

EPIC COMEBACK! -- Day 2/256

Walk: Golden Gate Yacht Club
Distance: 1 mile (basically another day of rest)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Larry and CIWT have our differences -- Day 2/255

Walk: Nope; food poisoning

The difference between me and Larry Ellison, Part One of Long encyclopedia:

With 'the whole' Bay Area, the full spectrum of media and international yachtspeople, basically maligning me, CIWT would have:

Apologized in Public (all the time), maybe crying
Looked like this watching the America's Cup races: 
Hidden myself away
Quit my job, taking all my accumulated stock fortune
Moved to a secret place -- For Ever

Larry on the other hand: 
Tore around town in flagrant  private motorcades
Blew off the entire torrent of criticism all 
Reamed out his crew, in the processs galvanizing them to come from -2 to 8-8
Summarily left his huge international tech conference to
Show up at the tying races with babes:
Americas Cup Sailing

AND cheer his team's amazing and INTENSE comeback 

And thus the  CIWT vs. Larry Ellison List begins.  The winner of the next race (Thursday?) will win the America's Cup.  It all comes down to that. One race.  Maybe that is why Ciwt's stomach is acting up today.  Larry will probably take a long run this afternoon, speak in front of the news and his TechWorld extravaganza,  eat a huge, expensive (but healthy) meal, and  .........................

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Race is Really On --- Day 2/254

Walk: JCCSF, End of Broadway for View, Hi-Tech Nails
Distance: 3 miles, private training, take yoga class

Walked a couple of blocks to the top of the hill on this glorious to see what is becoming one of the great athletic competitions ever.  The America's Cup.  Oracle (which had little sympathy at the outset of the races several months ago) is now the little engine that could chugging from a seemingly insurmountable second place behind the Australians (Kiwis).  People are stopping their days to watch.  It's exciting.

The two boats (right of the tree trunk) approach a buoy.  Can't tell which is which.

As they come around, ciwt can see the red boat behind*

Yes, the black boat is definitely in the lead and gaining*

Seeing this, ciwt was discouraged.  Thinking the red boat was Oracle and knowing the Kiwis only had to win one more race to take the America's Cup to Australia, she went home thinking that must
be what happened.  Well, no:  Oracle is the Black boat, and, indeed, they did win today.  So, the race is on.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

See It - Enough Said

Walk: Sundance Kabuki (Enough Said.  Cinema Club Preview)
Distance: 2 miles

Bittersweet: James Gandolfini is absolutely wonderful in his last film, Enough Said.  Really so is the script, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and all of the cast.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Vogels Collect --- Day 2/252

Walk: Mindful Body, Fillmore Street
Distance: 2 miles and teach yoga class

This evening a docent friend in Berkeley is going to the movie The Vogels 50 x50.  I can't attend but it reminded me of the Herbert and Dorothy Vogel's amazing and heartwarming art collecting story.  Heartwarming because they were both New York City civil servants with sincere and deep interest appreciation for art. After trying their hands at actual fine art classes, they turned instead to collecting.  This on virtually no money but with extraordinary art vision.  The artists they began collecting were largely unknowns, just producing works that genuinely spoke to the Vogels.  To aquire the art and support the artistss' endeavors  they made any number of financial arrangements with the artists they liked - and often became their friends.

Once, for instance, Cristo traded them a collage in exchange for cat-sitting.  If you know the famous environmental artist, Cristo, you now know that the Vogels had literally a Midas touch. Their collection of post-60's conceptual and minimalist art is regarded as one of the most important in the United States.  But their story continues to be heartwarming because, after bring their art home on buses and taxis and keeping it under beds and around for their enjoyment, they eventually donated it - the entire priceless collection - to the National Gallery of Art 'because it doesn't charge admission or sell donated art and because they wanted their art to belong to the public.  Wow!

It is just a wonderful, special, unique art story - one well worth knowing -and the movies that document it are as well. Wikipedia's entry on the Vogels is a short and lovely read:

Here's a very, very partial list of the Vogels', now the public's, artists:
Carl Andre
Will Barnet
Joseph Beuys
Saul LeWitt
Roy Lichtenstein
Elizabeth Murray
Larry Poons
David Salle
Cindy Sherman
Donald Sultan
Richard Tuttle

Dorothy and Herbert Vogel at home.

                                         They named their cats and fish after artists.

Friday, September 20, 2013

What's in Your Mailbox? --- Day 2/251

Walk: Opera Plaza Cinema (Museum Hours)
Distance: 1.5 miles

After 'a certain age' going to the mailbox can be scary.  AARP mailings are the beginning (age 50?), then on midnight:01 of 55 Alumni magazines, mailings, requests for bequeths begin arriving, and your phone messages are from cold call brokers with annuity type investments to run by you. These are annoying but tame compared with what happens on the stroke of other birthdays: the Neptune Society writes to see if you want your ashes scattered at sea, and various other medical publications and gravediggers are in touch.  For instance, here's today's mail with news about what I can do about various heart conditions and then, if they don't work, I'm invited by the Trident Society to Pre-Pay for my Cremation.

Ah, for the good old days of mere grocery and internet flyers.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

CIWT Fall Fashion Tip #1 -- Day 2/250

Walk: Mindful Body, Corte Madera
Distance: 2 miles and take yoga class


*Unless you have always been really embarrassed about having very, very skinny legs and want to finally have the thunder thighs look.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? --- Day 2/249

Walk:  Union Square, etc.
Distance: 2+ miles

A friend wants to take a road trip to Sun Valley, my old home for five years and a place I spent at least half a year for 5 years before that. I Loved it; was essentially married to it. But at a certain point that all came to an end. Involuntarily.  Silently, unconsciously I was growing past it, and then one day - literally - it was all over.  The place was the same, utterly beautiful, but the feeling was gone.  I tried, believe me, mightily to get it back.  But no.  It was time to move on.

Sad, difficult.  And now there is this prospect of a trip to my 'old love' which has since been more than discovered and covered with McMansions.  Don't know about this...

Fall in about CIWT's era

After CIWT, but probably much more built up by now

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Future Thinking with Ray Kurzweil and Friends --- Day 2/248

Walk: Open House, Mindful Body, JCC
Distance: 4 miles and teach yoga class

Know who Ray Kurzweil is?  Me either until a while ago when I asked my friends their thoughts on whose they might like to attend with me at the JCC Arts and Culture series.


So off I go tonight to have the boundaries of my mind pressed out just a little bit more.  Interesting friends and the Bay Area the Bay Area have a way of keeping the pressure constantly applied.  For which I am so grateful.

      More images

  • Ray Kurzweil

  • Raymond "Ray" Kurzweil is an American author, inventor, futurist, and a director of engineering at Google. Wikipedia