Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Larry and CIWT have our differences -- Day 2/255

Walk: Nope; food poisoning

The difference between me and Larry Ellison, Part One of Long encyclopedia:

With 'the whole' Bay Area, the full spectrum of media and international yachtspeople, basically maligning me, CIWT would have:

Apologized in Public (all the time), maybe crying
Looked like this watching the America's Cup races: 
Hidden myself away
Quit my job, taking all my accumulated stock fortune
Moved to a secret place -- For Ever

Larry on the other hand: 
Tore around town in flagrant  private motorcades
Blew off the entire torrent of criticism all 
Reamed out his crew, in the processs galvanizing them to come from -2 to 8-8
Summarily left his huge international tech conference to
Show up at the tying races with babes:
Americas Cup Sailing

AND cheer his team's amazing and INTENSE comeback 

And thus the  CIWT vs. Larry Ellison List begins.  The winner of the next race (Thursday?) will win the America's Cup.  It all comes down to that. One race.  Maybe that is why Ciwt's stomach is acting up today.  Larry will probably take a long run this afternoon, speak in front of the news and his TechWorld extravaganza,  eat a huge, expensive (but healthy) meal, and  .........................


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