Sunday, September 1, 2013

2 sxy 4 an apt --- Day 2/232

Walk:  Mindful Body
Distance: 10 blocks and take yoga class

Guess ciwt is on a political streak in spite of itself.  To wit, the local rag wrote a (completely irresponsible, immature) front page feature today on a few (healthy, employed) people who choose to live (illegally and in violation of health ordinances among other codes; like where do they pee?) in RV's around San Francisco. One particular techie fop was the main subject.  I couldn't believe I was seeing this in a grown up newspaper - as one reader said, "Is this an Onion article?"  But, once again, San Francisco readers and fellow SF travelers to the rescue.  Like this A+++ response from one of the subject's contemporaries.

Well isn't he a special little snowflake?
A little prince, in a little castle, making more meaningless digital crap, waxing philosophical about the evils of the world - you know, like, armoires. It came up in the article on age and the tech industry a few weeks back as well - people like Mark Zuckerberg and this guy, spouting off about being able to discern what's 'really important" in life (ie - working for Zuckerberg, or blogging software. Barf). 
Part of me (the part that has tried to navigate the hellish rental market in SF) wants to say 'attaboy' to him for bucking the system. But that part was entirely overruled by the gold leaf'd gold monogrammed, d-baggery of it all. 
I am 29, so this guy and I are basically the same generation and I hold my head in shame for the vapid, narcissistic wasteland that "we" (they!!) are creating. All style, no substance...It doesn't matter if those solar panels actually generate energy, as long as it looks like I'm all down with the sustainable energy, we're good. It doesn't matter that my Samovar lounge tea cost $7/cup (<--hyperbole), it makes me look thoughtful and zen. 
And don't even get me started on the doofus 'stache and shorts and PINK sneakers on the other guy*
I just hope that somehow, some way, humanity will not be totally destroyed by these morons.

* I'd love to get the commentator started on this..

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