Monday, September 9, 2013

Whatever....Day 2/240

Walk: JCCSF, Western Addition Library
Distance:  3+ miles, take private training, take yoga class

Will go to a book group discussion tonight re: The Round House by Louise Erdrich.  Didn't care for the book that much.  The local angle is that she and her late husband, Michael Dorris, actually owned the Town House (See Day 355 if you want to learn about it) at one point.  He committed suicide and I was so relieved to learn it wasn't in that house.

I'm already steeling myself for one woman in the group for whom the more trauma and drama the better.  She'll love the book because it revolves around a particularly horrific event and then she'll want to argue with everyone, everyone - even those who also liked the book.  Some people somehow don't feel right if they aren't interrupting, dismissing other people's thoughts out of hand, arguing and not really listening.  I think they think this is a good way to be.  Know people like this?

My challenge with her is that I too want to prevail.  It bothers me no end that she's so negative and dismissive of others, and a Huge part of me wants to do something about her behavior.  But then that sets in motion the whole Mark Twain thought about arguing with a fool (They'll take you down to their level and beat you by experience).  It also makes everyone else horribly uncomfortable.  Unless...I can come up with the perfect scenario.  I'm tantalized by this.

Well, off to the fights, oops, book group..

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