Monday, September 23, 2013

The Race is Really On --- Day 2/254

Walk: JCCSF, End of Broadway for View, Hi-Tech Nails
Distance: 3 miles, private training, take yoga class

Walked a couple of blocks to the top of the hill on this glorious to see what is becoming one of the great athletic competitions ever.  The America's Cup.  Oracle (which had little sympathy at the outset of the races several months ago) is now the little engine that could chugging from a seemingly insurmountable second place behind the Australians (Kiwis).  People are stopping their days to watch.  It's exciting.

The two boats (right of the tree trunk) approach a buoy.  Can't tell which is which.

As they come around, ciwt can see the red boat behind*

Yes, the black boat is definitely in the lead and gaining*

Seeing this, ciwt was discouraged.  Thinking the red boat was Oracle and knowing the Kiwis only had to win one more race to take the America's Cup to Australia, she went home thinking that must
be what happened.  Well, no:  Oracle is the Black boat, and, indeed, they did win today.  So, the race is on.

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