Wednesday, September 4, 2013

And my decision is.... -- Day 2/235

Walk: JCCSF, Tanforan Shopping Center
Distance: 1 mile and private training session (part gym, part Pilates)

Tired today.  Kind of exhausted from thinking of whether to make an airstrike, how to not name a landmark bridge after a certain local politician, how to contain forest fires near gorgeous Yosemite and my former Idaho home and keep the firefighters safe.  Then there is Mylie (or however you spell her name) and whether to go to that reunion on the East Coast.  Other things too, like what toaster/convection oven to buy.  It's all stimulating and I wouldn't miss a minute of it, but sometimes also a bit exhausting all this running the world from my head.

Really good news: my cat Callie had another ultrasound yesterday and - can it be? - is totally free of fatal symptoms.  Even the vet was stunned, a little in shock.  Hopefully the wrong chart wasn't read.

Weight of the world on her shoulders

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