Monday, September 16, 2013

Frame Job --- Day 2/247

Walk:  JCCSF, Trader Joe's
Distance: 2 Miles, take yoga class and do Pilates training

My fine artist friend, K. Libbey Nash, has a talent which is very rare. She has a sense for framing. Most of the artists I worked with when 'in the business' were hopelessly lost about frames.  This isn't to put them down but rather to say that knowing how to frame/mount/display a piece is an art apart.

Knowing this about her as well as the tricky business of framing, I've asked her to be my framing consultant with the pieces I've acquired from her.  This is pushy on my part.  She's done her job already.  But, thankfully she has been willing to do this. Sometimes we send email photos back and forth of.  On my end, blank walls and measurements; on hers, her photos of frame and mat possibilities and lists of questions to consider.

But mostly it is sort of a scary matter of trust, luck, hope.  Always with the understanding on my end that, as hard as we tried, the piece might not work at all when it arrives 'in situ.' That's the chance I take; she's the one who really takes the chance of putting herself on the line.

So far when the pieces have arrived I am truly torn about which I prefer - the art or the way it is matted and framed.  Not really, always the art is first.  But the framing is so organically right for the piece it lifts it to an even higher level.

She's wearing her framing hat now for another of her art works I've acquired.  Breath is being held..

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