Sunday, December 8, 2019

Choices --- 8/243 &244

Walk: 1. No, Big Storm  2. Cinema Club (Clemency)
Distance:  1. 0, small yoga, fingers tired from tour prep  2. 2 miles, Yoga

Alfre Woodare in Clemency

One of the choices Ciwt's Cinema Club asks audience members to evaluate is who if anyone you would recommend the movie to?  Top choices are: 1. I'd recommend to everyone.  2. I'd recommend it to certain people.

Ciwt went for choice #2 today after seeing an advance showing of Clemency.   It was the Best Drama winner at Sundance last January and is an  Excellent movie all the way around.  But watching it is challenging because it is so exacting and realistic.  Death Row executions and their effect on all involved is the topic.  So, Ciwt says Your Choice.  (It will be released December 27 and is NOT a holiday movie).

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