Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Count Down --- Days 8/266 & 267

Walk: 1. Hood 2. Same
Distance: 1. 4 miles, private training  2. 4.5 miles, yoga

Times Square, New York - Four More Hours to Go back there as Ciwt writes.  Many of these revelers have been in their spots in the 65 viewing 'pens' since 11 a.m.  That's when the NYPD completed their shut down of the entire Times Square area between 38th and 56th streets and celebrators were allowed to enter.  Once in, they lose their spots if they leave.  Somehow every year millions of people handle food, bathroom, freezing cold, snow, rain, whatever nature brings and party hardy as they watch the famous ball drop.

Ciwt simply can't imagine and feels even more fortunate than ever to be letting 2019 go and ushering in 2020 in the comfort of her wonderful SF 'pen' with cats. 

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