Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Crown Jewels --- Day 8/247

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Wayne Thiebaud working on etching plate at Crown Point Press

So Ciwt reported on giving her favorite SFMOMA tour ever, but she saved the best for last.

The best being one of the Crown Jewels of the San Francisco art world: Crown Point Press which was kind enough to say yes to Ciwt's request for a private tour of its working space for her and her clients yesterday.

Founded by still owner and Partner, Kathan Brown in the East Bay, Crown Point Press has done the nearly impossible. Given the vissitudes of the art world, just staying in existence for almost 60 years would be enough.  Actually owning its building in prime San Francisco real estate across from SFMOMA would also enough.  But the true wonder is Crown Point's professionalism, the talent and dedication and wide-ranging proficiancies of its print technicians and the quality of the etchings it produces year after year.

But, don't take Ciwt's word for it.  Take Wayne Thiebaud's, another Northern California Crown Jewel.  The world famous and beloved Thiebaud was one of Crown Point Press's first artists, working directly with Kathan Brown as his printer in 1965.  He has returned (by invitation which is how Crown Point works) many times since then, and had just completed a new series of etchings a few days before Ciwt and her group arrived.  He is 99!

That meant we were among the very first to see Thiebaud's new prints.  This was Huge for Ciwt! And, actually in a different way, for Kathan's ownership partner, Valerie Wade, who gave our tour. She'd just returned from the annual Miami Art Fair a few hours before we arrived when she saw the prints.  One of them (sneak preview) is of cars on a highway, and, since Thiebaud is still remarkably active and productive, Wade's first thought was "Oh, my gosh, did Wayne go to Burning Man?!"


Here's a great You Tube video of Wayne Thiebaud at Crown Point Press in 2017 narrated by Kathan Brown

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