Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Downtown Holiday Spirit: Just Right for Ciwt --- Day 8/253

Walk: Pickleball Courts, PGCC (x2), SF Playhouse (Groundhog Day, the Musical), St. Francis Hotel            Christmas Decorations
Distance: 1 hr. pickle, private training, 1.5 miles

Ciwt wasn't that big a fan of Groundhog Day, the movie 1993, but she quite enjoyed the imaginatively staged zaniness of The Musical.

St. Francis Hotel 'Roof' above Registration Desk

After seeing it, she walked across the street with her season ticket friends to look at the way the St. Francis had decorated the overhang above its registration desk and other areas.

Finally, on the way to the garage, she and her friends checked out Saks 5th's 'holiday' windows.  They are filled with male and female models all dressed in black sequined, velvet and satin evening attrire, all in haughty or nonchalant, 'so what?' poses.  No one knew quite what Saks had in mind but we all agreed some window display pro probably had the time of his/her life.

Some say Groundhog Day is a modern day A Christmas Carol with the weatherman lead standing in for Ebeneezer Scrooge.  Ciwt says Great because The Musical, Santa on the St. Francis's 'roof,' and the Saks fashionista holiday snobs hit her Christmas Spirit spot perfectly.

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