Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Good and Bad Company --- Day 13/89

Walk: Legion of Honor Museum

Distance: 1 mile (still nursing cold)

So, after museum 'hopping' through cold rain, busloads of school groups, throngs of their teachers and parents, the best part of Ciwt's trip began when she met a dear friend at the Kennedy Center.  

We had nearly front row center tickets to the revival road show of Tony-winning musical, Company. We'd both read the glowing review of the production in the Washington Post, but only Ciwt had read the readers' comments.  If there were 25 of those, most were so-so and several were decidedly negative.  Like, The show was horrible. Everyone around us said the same thing. People left at intermission. And The cast worked as hard as they could, but the show itself is awful.  Understandably this made Ciwt a bit apprehensive.

But she needn't have worried.  We sat in our great seats, heard (nearly) every word, applauded the excellent cast and thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Who knew what all those commenters were so upset about we ageeed.

Then a couple of days later Ciwt got a call at home from her friend.  Appparently, she had a friend who went to Company with 'our' recommendation in mind.  And, well, that friend couldn't make out a word through the muffled accoustics and left at intermission.  Maybe she was sitting too far from the stage?  No, she reported that people up front left as well, some standing up and getting out even before intermission.

What to make of this?  Maybe Ciwt and her friend were in a sort of  personal company bubble. Since they live on opposite coasts, it may have been such a treat to be in each other's company and in such excellent seats that they weren't particularly bothered by the 'small stuff.'   

(....    Although it did come out in conversation later that both missed entire (short) acts due to the muffling .... And a marijuana scene didn't work for either of them but did for the people behind who may have been stoned...... And they've been very critical of other performances seen together.... )

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