Saturday, May 7, 2022

Boxed In --- Days 11/86 & 87

Walk: 1. No, resting aching knees from so much moving 😒 - good elevator is in her near future.  2. SF                  Ballet (Swan Lake x 2)

Distance: 1. n/a  2. 4. 2 miles

When possible Ciwt is a Grand Tier person at the ballet.  From there she can see the whole stage as well as several sections of box seats and she's often wondered if the seats are comfortable and if the whole Box Seat experience is worth the expense.  So yesterday, to celebrate the end of a glorious ballet season as well as a Grand Treat and diversion from her month of packing, she bought herself a Box Seat ticket.

Was the experience worth it?  Well it was great being able to hang her coat in a separate, private section before going into her seat.  Usually, like everyone, she's trying to navigate a tiny seat and find places to stash her coat, purse, opera glasses, program without elbowing seat mates or creating hazards for people needing to squeeze in and out.  Plus all that space in the box did make the viewing more relaxing.  And, yes, the chairs were pretty comfortable.

She also noticed, though, a bit of an 'attitude' around her.  Some box seaters seemed sort of stuffy which was their privilege and fine because they were quiet in their highbrow way.  But a few others were downright and overly 'entitled' - coming in 'whenever,' talking, taking pictures and iphone movies (when that is strictly forbidden) and taking off their masks (also forbidden).   

So, would she treat herself to a Box Seat again?  Maybe occasionally, but, really, she is a Grant Tour girl.

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