Friday, November 4, 2022

'Delicate Intimacy' --- Days 11/266-303

Walks: Hood and Presidio
Distances: 5.5 miles average

Frankie Corio and Paul Mescal in Aftersun

So today Ciwt went to a movie without knowing anything about it except that critics are giving it high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.   And she sat tranfixed from beginning to end somewhere inside her tracking the deep but almost indiscernable emotional threads that hold it together. Aftersun.  Everything seems uttery natural in an unnatural way, and the acting is excruciatingly human and precise.

She likes how the NYT's A.O. Scott puts it:

 It’s hard to find a critical language to account for the delicacy and intimacy of this movie. This is partly because Wells*, with the unaffected precision of a lyric poet, is very nearly reinventing the language of film, unlocking the medium’s often dormant potential to disclose inner worlds of consciousness and feeling. 

* the writer-director

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