Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Home? --- Days 13/33 to 39

Walks: Hood mostly

Distances: Average 3 miles (loping)

So, where has Ciwt been for 6! days?  Good question.  Researching on line for things to make her new home look more like her.  That consists of doing the searches mostly on line, then if she finds something, saving the information, printing out a picture, walking around her place with it, and maybe pressing the "Buy' button and hoping.  It is intense and amazingly exhausting and consuming for something you do just sitting around.

It is almost two years since her decision to move into a 'age appropriate' place with a garage and without 73 steps up and down to it.  And she was very fortunate to find a very nice condominium in her 41 year zip code.  So she has been able to keep all her old shopping and walking patterns.  And the view is bigger but essentially the same as her old one.

She's in the 'final touches' stage of decorating as well as having gotten totally rid of furniture she no longer has use for.  (A huge project: disposing of old furniture and furnishings).  So when she looks around her new place she's feeling some pride in jobs well done - appropriately relocating and furnishing, as well as becoming a good 'new community' member/neighbor.  

But when will it feel like home?  It looks nice but it doesn't feel like home - not deeply.  Maybe places don't for many of us of a certain age.  Or don't in the same nesty way we are used to.  It's confusing.

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