Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick two day. Yesterday didn't walk at all - except for the usual just getting around my life. I'm thinking yoga siphons off much of the nervous energy that used to propel me into daily massive walks or massive tension if I didn't do huge amounts of exercise. It's still new to me - this understanding and trusting that yoga could be a large percentage of what I need in terms of defusing, exercise, breathing, meditating, opening, clearing...on a daily basis. Scary for a former exercise 'addict.'

Today walked down to the MB to sub at noon and then over to the YMCA gym with my brave and balanced yoga student/friend to do his important work. More will come. The wonder was that we were able to work with openness, fluidity, strength, focus for over 45 minutes. This is the third week; the first week 20 minutes was a struggle physically, psychologically and maybe other realms. I am increasingly awed by him. (And by so many of my students. Really all of them I have the gift of getting to know and possibly work with individually. We humans are so complex, and really there is great courage called for in just continuing to continue. And, yes, often joy; a complex gift, our lives. And yoga is the complex tool that enables those of us to whom it speaks to be present to the constant unfolding of this mysterious and awesome gift.

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