Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday and again just short walks. One to TMB this morning to teach for Jo and then later when I walked to Laurel Village while my tires were being rotated and the car was prepared for its Ashland journey in a few weeks. Again, much wind. Damp, cold wind - hair disaster wind that also takes its toll on my desire to walk.

Probably my yoga teaching also has an effect on my walks. I teach largely by demonstrating/leading so every class I teach is essentially a class I do. And it is inside, out of the elements so by the time I'm done teaching, I've gotten a well-rounded amount of exercise and am kind of together and more apt to stay that way and do city/social things.

But still, even in the short walks, San Francisco is a wonder. Starting with the studio being 4 blocks away. And then today my Big O tire place was just three blocks from all the Walgreens, Wells Fargo, etc. errands in Laurel Village where one of the treats is Books, Inc. Today I browsed mostly the children's picture book section trying to get more familiar with the genre that one of my creative consulting clients favors. I still don't have that much of a feel for those books and how/why they are chosen to be published. Partially I'm sure because I don't have children and don't have first hand knowledge of how they relate to these books. Also, the books rely So much on illustration; I wonder how many of the published authors submit illustrations with their copy and are chosen for the whole package.

Also spent some time with a book on the history of Venice (Ackroyd), someone Brookings who won the Pulitzer Prize for 'March,' 'Art and Madness' about disempowered women of the 50's and and 60's married (and divorced) from exceedingly difficult (and drunken) famous authors, an Indian novel named Shar...which made me think of Emmy who loves India (900+ pages; Emmy's the only one I can imagine sticking with such a book until the end). A few more; somehow remembered the many unread books on my shelves and by my bed so resisted an impulse purchase of more.

It does feel so good though to just let my mind play with topics and titles and covers. So even though today's walking was short, it was so freeing and expanding.

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