Saturday, December 4, 2021

And Then There Was Grass --- Days 10/203, 204, 205 & 206

Walk: 1. Around Indian Wells Property 2. Around Desert Willow Golf Course 3. Around Palm Springs Airport 4. Day of Reacclimation

Distance: 1. 1.5 miles, small yoga;  2. 5 miles, small yoga;  3. 1 mile; 4. 0

Palm Springs from Ciwt's United Airlines window seat

So Ciwt took a quick trip to Palm Springs/Indian Wells to see a brother and watch her sister play in a golf tournament.  As always when she's been there the weather and visuals were postcard perfect. 
But she can never quite get over that much of what she is enjoying is man made on top of arid desert.  Not being judgemental; just hard to completely process.

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