Saturday, January 29, 2022

Butt-Cans --- Days 10/361 & 362

Walk: 1. Inner Richmond  2. Vogue Theater (Vertigo)

Distance: 1. 3 miles lope + 3.5 miles walk= 6.5 miles  2. 2miles walk/lope

What in the world are these people up to with all those used cans?

Making BUTT-CANS of course!

Another creative idea of Vincent Yuen, founder of the new (and long overdue) Refuse Refuse* dedicated to interesting those of us who love San Francisco to also love keeping it clean.

Turns out the biggest refuse (ie, trash) offender is still cigarette butts.  Even in 'non-smoking' San Francisco.  So Yuen has come up with an artistic idea - ala Andy Warhol - to encourage smokers to enjoy using butt-cans instead of the street, sidewalk, steps, parking lots or ______ (fill in any other places you've noticed cigarette butts).

Next comes spraying the labels with a waterproofing compound, partially filling the cans with sand and distributing them all over the city.  People are welcome to adopt them, take them home if they want to use them there; Refuse Refuse has hundreds more, thanks to individuals, restaurants, grocery stores and other Refuse Refuse enthusiasts.  

* See CIWT  Day 10/346 "Trash Talk"

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