Thursday, April 14, 2022

"C" is Not For Covid --- Days 11/64 & 65

Walk: 1, Haircut, Doc Annual, Booster #2  2. No, Rain & Taxes

Distance: 1. 3 miles  2. 2. 1 mile, yoga

So, this week a couple of Ciwt's friends, including her realtor, called to say they had Covid.  She hadn't seen any of them for quite a while, but, to be on the safe side Ciwt gave herself a home test.

Well it went straight to a definite, dark line at "C."  Covid!!!  She was devastated.  To be absolutely sure she grabbed the test tray with the definite "C" and went to a nearby free testing clinic.  

When she got there and one of the doctors asked why she had come, Ciwt took out the "C" tray and showed it to her. "Oh," she said, "Control."  Turns out that's what "C" is for - Control, not Covid.  And you have to have two! lines showing, not just the definite "C" one.

Ciwt was embarrassed, they were nice, tested her again since she was there.  And 15 minutes later Ciwt left with an official "Negative" result.  The next day she went to get her second booster shot.

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