Friday, September 8, 2023

All Day (and part of the night) in Bed With A Doctor --- Days 12/255 & 256

Walk: 1. No 2.Walgreens

Distance: n/a; 1.5 miles

So a reading friend highly recommended a 700+ page book titled The Covenant of Water.  Ciwt's private reaction was "I'll never finish it."  But she knew the author to be an excellent writer and her friend to be a discerning reader.  So she went to her dear neighborhood bookstore, bought it, read 30 pages or so, put it in her basket of unread books, and thought "knew it; I won't finish it."

That was approximtely a week before Ciwt contracted some 'everything but covid' condition (she tested) that left her barely standing.  Nothing to do but "drink plenty of liquids and get plenty of rest." Oh, dear - how boring.  But then she remembered that 700+ page.

The author, Abraham Verghese is a doctor as well as a writer.  And Ciwt is beginning to think, a healer in the ancient sense. ...Covenant..taps into life force itself and connects his reader (or at least Ciwt) to it.  After a day of liquids and rest, she's 250+ pages along and finding that being sick can also be uplifting thanks to Verghese's tender, exquisite storytelling.  

PS - You don't have to be under the weather to appreciate its effects.

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