Thursday, October 19, 2023

You Are NOT Forgotten --- Days 12/275- 285

Walks:  All Around SF

Distances: 3.5 miles average

So, when Ciwt doesn't write please, dear and very important readers, don't think she is just sitting around ignoring you.  Never!  You are always on her mind.  But her mind has a way of getting over stimulated by things like San Francisco attractions, beloved houseguests, still settling into her 'new' home and maybe even a trip or two.  

To catch you up a bit, here are a few of the overstimulation culprits:

Road Trips:

Sonoma Square and Mission



                                                                 Rotunda Room


And of course (thanks to friends prodding her) Opera:

Lohengrin at SF Opera

Plane Trips: 
Oh and a visit to her old/new home town.  Probably you can tell which is which below:

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