Sunday, March 31, 2024

Eternal Easter --- Day 13/87

Walk: Crissy Field

Distance: 4.4 miles


So today is Easter Sunday and to Ciwt there was no better place to begin it than Crissy Field.  Easter is about renewal, rebirth, restoration on one day. Crissy Field is all about all those things day and night 365 days a year. 

It goes along San Francisco Bay until it reaches Hopper's Hands* below the Golden Gate Bridge.  

Spectacular, serene, consoling, uplifting, energizing, historical, natural. Whatever you need, it's there for you.  

Life there includes numerous bird species, some making Crissy Field permanent home and others staying temporarily on their flyways.


And runners or walkers with their dogs,

Fishermen (mostly) catching their daily meals out on the pier,

Swimmers without wet suits who come four  mornings a week and wish they could come more often,

There are surfers, driftwood 'house' builders, TV interviewers, sculpture makers, occasional Presidential helicopters, seals pop their heads above water to look, sharks keep swimming below, you never know what language you'll hear or what will be going on. Some come in small groups, some as couples and many come individually.  Their activities vary, but Ciwt suspects every single one of them is quietly awed by their fortune in being able to freely access and share one of the most unpretentious and enriching places on earth. 

Happy Easter

* See  CIWT Days 6/116, 6/120 and  6/121

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