Saturday, March 16, 2024

Evacuation with Puck, Oberon, Fireflies and All --- Day 13/71

Walk: Union Square, SF Ballet

Distance: 6 miles

Oberon and Puck wait to see if the Opera House will reopen and the dance continues

So,  A Midsummer's Night Dream, the ballet, was particularly memorable in San Francisco this afternoon.  Somewhere toward the end of the first act lights started flashing, sirens began blaring and an announcement repeated over the loudspeaker:  "A fire emergency has been reported in the building.  Please get up from your seats and calmly leave the building.  Do not use the elevator"

It was quite a feat walking down the steep marble stairways for many of the audience, but we all did it as instructed.  Calmly.

Out in the brisk sun, many realized they were waiting amidst the interrupted dancers.  And the fun began.  Phone cameras came out.  Characters talked to dazzled children, other waiting attendees and among themselves.  When it was announced that we could all return to our various places, one formerly anxious dancer had been so enjoying the break he announced "I'm not nervous any more!" on his way back to the stage.  

To widly cheering support from the audience the dancers resumed their performances from exactly where they had left it and danced without further interruption to all the happy marriages at Midsummer's conclusion.  More wild cheering.

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