Friday, July 5, 2024

Taming Metal --- Day 13/188

Walk: Small errands and organizing for move

Distance: 2 miles 

An art installation featuring wire-mesh sculptures by the Italian artist Carolina Capaccioli is seen on the lake at Parc Montsouris in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, France, on July 1, 2024

So, Ciwt was taken by this photograph of a current art show in Paris.  Not knowing the artist, she surfed the net and found what seems to be the artist's statement (and that she might now be using a different professional name since the statement was written in 2002).

Capaccioli Daniela

It is in Lombardy, in Monza near Milan, that Daniela Capaccioli takes her first steps. Her whole childhood oscillated between Lombardy and Tuscany. As a child, she is already unwillingly a budding artist: having a gift and a taste for observing people, things, and places, she draws tirelessly.
Then, little by little, she quickly experimented with the working of clay. As shy as she is a dreamer, she loves to think that emptiness is inhabited and that solitude is full of discreet and silent presences like thoughtful shadows. This attraction towards the discovery of the invisible in the space that surrounds us leads her to choose scenography as the first stage of her artistic training. Stage art thus allows her to make tangible what the emotional eye perceives.

She dedicates herself to sculpture modeling terracotta figures, deepening the techniques related to clay, and working with ceramics. These artistic paths are taught to her by the sculptors Beatrice Koster and Eugene N'Sonde, the plaster casts specialist Sebastien Nobile and the potters Annick Guillon and Thierry Fouquet.
But it is on the occasion of an exhibition entitled "The body and the air" (2002) that Daniela Capaccioli, led by Beatrice Koster, discovers a particular talent: that of giving body to the wire mesh, of making it malleable like clay.

Taming the metal to provide lightness and meaning is today the ultimate art she has chosen to share with the world.

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