Sunday, December 7, 2014

Falls -- Day 3/321

Walk: Cinema Club (Still Alice), Presidio Cafe, Best Buy
Distance: 4 miles

Our Japanese Maple Fall

Still Alice at Cinema Club today.  Like everyone who has or will see the movie, Ciwt was very impressed with Julianne Moore's superb acting.  Surely she will get a Best Actress Oscar nomination and possibly win it as well as other awards.  But, after her, for Ciwt the film was a bit too 'sanitized:' the family stayed steady, calm; the economic circumstances were solid; there were no outbursts, wandering, slovenliness.  Everything and everybody formed a fairly placid background for Moore's touching and informative portrayal of (early onset) Alzheimer's. (As one reviewer put it: Simultaneously rawly realistic and air brushed). No surprises; you know where the movie is going, and it does - with that great acting and in a very bearable way for the viewer.  Ciwt says see it if the subject is of interest or just for a star turn.

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