Saturday, December 13, 2014

One Foot and Then The Other --- Day 3/327

Walk: Sundance Kabuki (Wild)
Distance: 2 miles
Reese Witherspoon carries her backpack -- nicknamed Monster -- in the movie Wild, about one woman's hike along the Pacific Crest Trail.
Ciwt thought she should just get it over with.  Reese Witherspoon will be nominated for an Oscar, Ciwt loves Oscar night and makes every attempt to see all the nominees ahead of time. So, today she went to the movie of Wild, a book she has rated a notch or so above Eat, Pray, Love, one of her most disliked.

The good news is Witherspoon's fine, ego-less acting, beautiful glimpses of the Pacific Coast Trail (which Ciwt herself considered hiking many years ago), and the fact that the movie was merely tame rather than annoying.

So now onward on her own personal year end quest goes Ciwt.  

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