Friday, December 5, 2014

The Very Smart Urban Crow --- Day 3/319

Walk: No, Tech Support Day (was expecting 1 hour)
Distance: 0, small home yoga

Between tech support phone calls today, Ciwt was busy learning more about her new and ever increasing neighbors, urban crows.

Turns out my neighbors have been called "feathered apes" and are ranked high with intelligent membes of the animals kingdom, including primates, dolphins and elephants. *If you would like a great example of this and don't want to read further, go down to the amazing link below. Their brains are huge compared to their body size, and they exhibit many behaviors including language, delinquency, play, passion, wrath, risk-taking, awareness.

Crows gather around their dead, warn of impending doom, recognize people, commit murder of other crows, lure fish and birds to their death, swill coffee, drink beer, turn on lights to stay warm, design and use tools, use cars as nutcrackers, windsurf and sled to play, and work in tandem to spray soft cheese out of a can. Their marvelous brains allow them to think, plan, and reconsider their actions. Don't believe Ciwt?  *Again, go to the great link below, watch and marvel.

Ciwt is looking forward to them acquiring tech support knowledge so she can just signal one in to peck around the keys and get her devices in perfect working order.  


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