Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Few Favorites, Part II --- Day 3/363

Walk:  Patagonia/North Point, Paul Thiebaud Gallery, Chinatown, Trader Joe's
Distance: 5 miles 


These small collages at the beginning of the Matisse/MoMA cut outs show were stunning to Ciwt because it was the first time she encountered the many layers and textures of the cut outs.  No picture can show this including the one above.  In person you can see the rough edges of the figures, the brush strokes on the painted paper, the way the cut outs have been laid on top of each other, probably moved around.  In other words, Matisse's artistic presence is very visible.  After decades of seeing pictures, postcards, posters, even the actual Matisse books, the aliveness of the actual works was electrifying.

17-Matisse’s studio wall at the Villa le Rêve, Vence, c. 1948

If you look closely at the cutouts on the wall of his Paris (?) studio, you can see the shapes popping off the paper and get a sense of the craft and workmanship present.

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