Monday, January 26, 2015

Drawing Straight --- Day 3/365 (! - 3 years and counting)

Walk: St. Mary's Med Center (cholesterol check), Fillmore Street, Hi Tech Nails (new yoga toes)
Distance: 2 miles and many Monday errands

19-Matisse in front of gouache-painted papers, Hôtel Régina, Nice
Matisse painting some cut out papers with his seemingly endlessly colored gouache pigments.

Henri Matisse, The Snail, 1952-53, 9' 5" x 9' 5", Gouache and paper

The  gouache decoupees opened new artistic possibilities for the aging and infirm Matisse who was largely confined to wheelchair or bed.  Matisse said of the technique "it allows me to draw in colour.  It is a simplication for me.  Instead of drawing outline and putting the colour inside it - the one modifying the other - I draw straight into the color." (quoted in Amis de l'art, October 1951).

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