Thursday, June 30, 2016

Book-Ish --- Day 5/132

Walk: Marin Driving Day
Distance: San Rafael, PGCCSF (golf club)

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Ciwt is just back from a book club discussion at her maybe club. Sisters-in-Law by Linda Hirshman about the two first female Supreme Court justices, Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Good book overall but probably a lot better if you are a lawyer because the author got pretty intense and specific about the exact legal points of many of the cases that came before these women.

Read for yourself if interested.  What interested former book store owner/operator Ciwt over and above the book was her discomfort with book club discussions.  Once again.  Every time she goes to one she thinks this one will be more 'orderly' and 'interesting.'  Ie, that it will go the way Ciwt wants it to go and stay pretty narrowly focused on the book, the writing, the content, etc.

Ciwt's experience so far is that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

Purrfect!  Callie stepped in (and onto the keys) just as Ciwt was going to elaborate, and said it better than Ciwt ever could.  The 'book' discussions go here, then there, then onto kids, husbands, political opinions, who knows what.  Everything except the book Ciwt has spent hours reading and thinking about so she might have something interesting to contribute.

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