Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Table In Front --- Day 5/110

Walk: No; Office Update/Many Papers Bye By
Distance: A few stairs and ladder rungs, Home Yoga

Image result for attractive, intelligent 90 year old women
Betty White (at age 93 - Still Alive in spite of celebrity death hoax)

Ciwt just got a report from one of her classmates who was back East for our __Reunion  and said it was a warm, loving, Real time.  She also said there was a table of alumnae from the class 20 years before ours - ie, 20 years older than Ciwt and her classmates.  And it was a Big table, and all the women (it was a women's college) were well-dressed, stylish, highly intelligent and fun.  In other words, very together and fabulous role models.  Isn't that kind of amazing and marvelous?!

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Ruby Dee (at age 90)         (Not sure, but she looks lovely)

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