Friday, July 15, 2016

Come In My Little Pretties... --- Day 5/147

Walk: Presidio
Distance: 5 miles and Home Yoga

evil droid

Ciwt went on a walk today that really should have been taken by a machine-crazy 5 year old boy.
First there was a huge skyhook dangling a full grown tree in wooden pot over a billionaire's mansion and then slowly moving it to a predug hole in the yard behind the house.  Must be at least a $10,000 tree, and there were many more lined up to follow. 

Then there were enormous houses completely wrapped in opaque plastic.  Ciwt assumes for constuction purposes, but still eerie.  The odder and odder the houses got, the more Ciwt wondered about how truly peculiar houses could be, so she went surfing and a found a few to make her neighborhood look normal as pie.

Built for a Nigerian wife who loves to travel.       Somewhere in Serbia.

california-san-francisco-fairy-door-duo  Image result for weird houses
Outlawed then secretly replaced Faery Door in tree somewhere in Golden Gate Park

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