Wednesday, July 27, 2016

PDA(rt) --- Day 5/159

Walk: Piedmont Art Center
Distance: Couple of blocks

Ciwt took a buswoman's holiday today to work with an old college friend to hang her art show.  Here are some of the reasons it is difficult for artists to show up and do that: 1. Oh - even though they said the calendar was free - they forgot to tell the artist there will be a luncheon in the room today so she can't set up during those hours.  2. Oh - there was a problem with the vents so they are all covered with royal blue tape. 3. Oh, they have several dirty chandeliers on the ceiling right by some dirty spotlights that cause glare on the art.   4. And about that blue wall we said we'd have painted white for you, well....Etc. Etc.

But my friend got it down anyway, and her show looks great.  Good luck and thanks for the fun!!

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