Friday, August 19, 2016

'Member those 50's? --- Day 5/181

Walk:  Run actually because the bus was so slow, Embarcadero Cinema (Indignation) and Union Square
Distance: 4 miles (2 running to get to movie on time - then sat in wet clothes hoping not to get a 'summer' cold.  Such Indignity!)

Ciwt can't believe she has never read or listened to a Philip Roth book.  Her loss.  She has seen a few film adaptations of them beginning many years ago with Goodbye Columbus which she remembers liking. Of course she has no idea how close it stuck to the book.

Same goes for Indignation which she saw and quite liked today. Very good acting but a bit more downbeat than Ciwt was expecting.  One Roth reader commented that the movie, while good, did not capture the clever fluidity of Roth's movement between humor and profundity.

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