Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Timber --- Day 5/186

Distance: 3 miles and Home Yoga

Mark di Suvero, Che Faro Senza Eurydice, 1960, wood, rope

The works Ciwt usually sees of Mark di Suvero, a Bay Area local sculptor made good, are his huge painted steel outdoor assemblages * Image result for di suvero Image result for di suvero.  So she keeps being surprised by his smaller, wooden sculpture at SFMOMA.  Surprised and pleased because the wood is a much warmer medium and the scale is at a size where she can really take in the whole piece.  Plus she likes the rhythmic title, whatever it means.

She also likes how it refers to di Suvero's lifelong love of bridges and boats as well as his early work in the shipyards. di Suvero has said that for him the joy of doing art is gathering his materials and then letting the work grow by itself. This piece feels like that; like a boat builder stepping from timber to timber, roping and bolting his craft together - with joy.

* See CIWT Days 3/136 & 7 for di Suvero at Crissy Field in 2014.
PS - Two more private, personalized tours coming up for Ciwt's new art tour company.

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