Monday, December 19, 2016

Expanding --- Day 5/302

Walk: SFMOMA (plan: last time before holiday crowds), Fillmore Street
Distance: 6.2 miles, home yoga

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Reminder to self and friends:  In these colder, darker months with its short days and extra demands it is particularly important to remember expansive movement.  Tai Chi, Swimming, Yoga, Simple Stretching. Or let a massage therapist do the expanding for you.  Strength training and cardio workouts are good, but stretching or yoga is better.  The first two types of activities harden and tighten our bodies and actually accelerate the aging process with deliberate constriction. So it is important to counteract the tightening with opening activities. If you spend 5 minutes with weights or running, spend 10 stretching. If you are a walker like Ciwt, spend some time stretching out.

Many expansive activities have built in cardio and strength components.  Hatha Yoga does with its moving and weight bearing asanas, so does swimming with its deep breathing and stretching.  Tai Chi is well-rounded.  In many ways, stretching/expanding is the fountain of youth - or at least a vital link to our health and wellness.

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