Friday, December 30, 2016

Free For Flicks --- Day 5/313

Walk: Opera Plaza Cinema (Miss Sloane, Nocturnal Animals)
Distance:  4.5 miles

Ciwt was relieved and energized at not having to somehow become a French speaker before her trip, she marched right off to catch up on her award-contender movies.  Not just one but two.

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Jessica Chastain, a Best Actress contender, was terrific as always, and the film had more of a story than she was expecting.  Good enough, but Chastain's character was one-note throughout.  Good for her for breathing some variety into it.

Image result for nocturnal animals movie

It was a little weird to walk out of a movie where the star was a sophisticated beautiful career woman with long red hair and bright red lipstick directly into another movie whose star looked virtually the same.  In this case, though, not the least one note was Amy Adams' character, and Amy did an outstanding job of portraying her several faces, moods and circumstances in Nocturnal Animals. Same with Jake Gyllenhaal whose acting just keeps getting better and better even though he could have just settled at being a hunk.  Who knows what the movie was about.  Certainly not the many reviewers including Ciwt, but the arty cinematography was slick and just gorgeous.

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