Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"Unofficially" Officially Therapeutic --- Day 6/45

Walk: Japantown Massage Spa
Distance: 3.5 miles and Massage

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Walker, Ciwt, tends to totally forget about the benefits of massage - particularly on her leg muscles that get tighter and tighter as she walks.  Not just forget, she actually has 'massage' filed in her mind in several outdated categories: wimpy/pathetic, alternate (worst case, sexual parlours), just temporary/same as back rubs, not 'officially' therapeutic, too expensive, yoga stretching is just as good/probably better, etc.  And she's, well, wrong - which she was reminded of today when she at long last got herself onto a massage table.

The 'unofficial' therapist put one hand on Ciwt and nearly shrieked because the area was so obviously hard as a rock (and thus not receiving proper circulation).  This seemed almost magical to non-believer Ciwt that this person would have gone to exactly the place she was kind of thinking of maybe mentioning (as killing her).   Now she has a bit more more understanding why Medicare and other insurance programs is beginning to include massage therapy (and maybe some day yoga and other Eastern modalities...).

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