Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Watching the Bison Roam --- Days 9/159 and 160

Walk: 1. Presidio  2. Hood                                                                                                                            Distance:  1. 4 miles, 1 hour pickleball (again), Yoga stretch  2. 4 miles, small stretch

So, did you know there are buffalo, ooops bison*, at Golden Gate Park?  As a tribute to the legendaryWild West, first one was brought to San Francisco in 1891 and he?/she? was soon joined by bison from public and private herds. 

Today we have 10 calmly roaming the huge field toward the middle of the park.  Over the years the  males presented the Park rangers with "teaching moments"- like when one tried to maul a policeman on horseback - so our heard is all female.   Bailey, Betsy, Buttercup, Bambi and Bellatrix are the long-time members and five new (unnamed) yearlings were added recently as part of the park's 150th anniversary celebration.  

You can watch them like Ciwt was the other day on  a new Bison Cam at 

*Actually, in spite of the Home of the Range lyrics, no buffalo ever roamed the U.S. ranges because they are indigenous to South Asia (water buffalo) and Africa (Cape buffalo).  The critters in North America and parts of Europe are bison.  Among the differences between the animals is beards; bison have thick ones while buffalo are beardless.

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