Saturday, April 24, 2021

World Book & Indie Booksellers Days --- Day 9/359

Walk: Browser Books and Books Inc.

Distance: 3.9 miles, stretches

So today Ciwt participated in a personal dual celebration: belated World Book Day (yesterday, April 23) and today's Independent Booksellers Day (last Saturday in April).  She did it by walking (of course) to her favorite indies.  

At Browser Books she bought Barack Obama's Promised Land.  (Maybe she should say invested in; quite the price tag).  

Then it was on to Books Inc. where she  where she bought a novel by Jenny Offill, whose writing Ciwt likes a lot.  This time it was a paperback.

A good walk and a nice time to consider the significant part of our daily lives books have played since ancient times.  Ciwt was the kid who spent hours in her room with the door closed reading or walking around with her face in a book when her intensely social parents insisted she come out of her room.  Like many, she can't imagine her childhood without books and without all the things she learned about life from them, including how magnificent Collie dogs are and how they can break your heart. 

The great dog story writer, Albert Payson Terhune, "in conference" with his collies

 All this remains true, except now she can stay in her room and read for as long as she pleases.

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