Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Times, They Transform... --- Day 10/72

 Walk: Golden Gate Park Pickle

Distance: 2.5  miles, 90 minutes pickle

Inadvertently Ciwt answered her own question yesterday: To wit: *PS - The young couple from Michigan (see Birthday Art post) loved Mutu's works - and their tour.

People of Ciwt's era mostly go to museums as respites.  Respites from politics for one.  But this is changing for young people.  Or has changed.

So while Ciwt was perplexed about the new 'personal', political artistic statements showing up more and more at museums and galleries, her young tour takers were intrigued by and interested in them.  To Ciwt such art museum offerings are foreign to her museum going expectations and experience.  But to younger people they are the norm - or so it appears or soon will be if the majority of museums and galleries continue this emphasis.


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